React Newsletter #322

React Native 0.69, React Aria's new date and time pickers, and data flow in Remix

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React Native 0.69

This update comes with improvements for the New Architecture of React Native, new React 18 support (!!) and bundled Hermes.

React Aria's Date and Time Pickers

Devon Govett (an Adobe engineer working on React Aria and React Spectrum) just announced that React Aria has new date and time pickers with some great features and functionality:

  • Calendars, date and time fields, and range pickers
  • Custom granularity, unavailable dates, and more
  • International – 13 calendar systems
  • Accessible
  • Touch friendly
  • Bring your own design


Data Flow in Remix

Jim Nielsen (director of design at Remix) writes about how Remix extends the flow of data across the network, making it truly one-way and cyclical: from the server (state), to the client (view), and back to the server (action). This is one of Remix's killer features, and it can often allow you to delete or forgo writing additional code related to state management.

You Might Not Need an Effect

This in-depth article by Dan Abramov was recently added to the new React Docs, which are still in beta. It covers why and how to remove unnecessary Effects from your components, how to cache expensive computations without Effects, how to reset and adjust component state without Effects, and more.

How We Built Hydrogen: A React Framework for Building Custom Storefronts

In this article, Josh Larson, one of the Hydrogen Core Team members, gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it's been like building Hydrogen -- Shopify's new React meta-framework for building custom storefronts. He writes about what they learned from making big bets and what it was like building a new framework from the ground up on experimental technology over the last 12 months. (We wrote more about Hydrogen ourselves in yesterday's issue of Bytes.)

Airbnb’s Trip to Linaria

This article by Joe Lencioni, from the web infrastructure team at Airbnb, takes you through Airbnb's journey from using Sass to using CSS-in-JS, and explains why they chose to use Linaria (a zero-runtime CSS-in-JS library), and the impact it's had on the developer experience and performance of Airbnb’s web app.

Helping migrate React Native libraries to the New Architecture

This post by Riccardo Cipolleschi gives an update on tools and resources to help you migrate your Native Modules and Native Components to their New Architecture equivalents, TurboModule and Fabric Components.


Build lobby based online multiplayer browser games with React and NodeJS

François Steinel writes about how he went about building a few educational online (browser) games for a client. He includes the stack and the architecture he used for the projects and walks you through his process, so you can follow along and build similar games yourself.

Navigating the Nerdgraph GraphQL API with the New Relic Postman API collection

This tutorial walks through how to use Postman to navigate the New Relic GraphQL API and use it to explore your telemetry data, update your account, and a lot more. [sponsored]


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer - React (100% Remote) is looking for 3 experienced individuals that have a solid understanding of React and want to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~55 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.



Verbum is a fully flexible text editor based on the Lexical framework, Facebook's replacement for Draft.js.

react-native-owl v1.0.0

A visual regression testing tool for React Native, which just released v1.0.0. Created by the open source team at Formidable Labs.

Recoil 0.7.4

The latest release from Facebook's experimental state management library for React apps.

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