React Newsletter #320

Gatsby Launch Week, MongoDB + Vercel, and Expo's Dev Tools Keynote

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Gatsby Launch Week

Lots of news from Gatsby during their launch week last week, including:

  • A new Script Component that makes it easier to manage the inclusion of third-party scripts on your site
  • GraphQL Type Generation that gives TypeScript you auto-completion support in your IDE when crafting queries for your pages
  • New and improved enterprise features for Gatsby Cloud
  • Gatsby Image CDN
  • Incremental deploys for all builds

IE11 dies on Wednesday



MongoDB and Vercel: from idea to global fullstack app in seconds

In this article, Guillermo Rauch writes about the newly announced Vercel and MongoDB integration and how Next.js fits into both companies' vision for enabling developers to create at the moment of inspiration.

Recap of Expo Dev Tools Keynote

App.js Conf happened last week in Poland, and there were lots of great talks. Evan Bacon (from the Expo team) wrote this great Tweet thread that recaps Expo's Dev Tools Keynote.


Building Interoperable Web Components That Even Work With React

In this tutorial, Adam Rackis walks through how you can build interoperable Web Components that can even work nicely with React. He writes that, "creating web components โ€” as opposed to Svelte or React components โ€” wonโ€™t be as ergonomic, but the upside is that theyโ€™ll be widely reusable."

Work with APIs? Get better API observability in minutes

Postman and New Relic have teamed up to help you get real-time visibility into your API performance in context of your other application performance metrics. Don't know where to start? The New Relic & Postman quickstart gets you up and running in minutes, for free. [sponsored]

How to Create a Search, Filter, and Pagination Component in React

Spruce Emmanuel walks through each step of building a few React components that provide some common functionality that you see in many web apps.


Component Encyclopedia

The Storybook team cataloged the top UI components (in their opinion) and put them in one place for you to browse, reference, and reuse in your own projects. It features 5,132 components from Airbnb, Microsoft, Zendesk, and many more. This blog post gives more info about the background of the project.


Beautiful, native menus for React Native + Web, inspired by Radix UI. Created by Fernando Rojo.


When To Fetch: Remixing React Router

This 27-minute talk by Ryan Florence (co-founder of Remix and co-creator of React Router) at last month's Reactathon conference talks about moving the responsibility of knowing when to fetch from Remix into React Router itself.

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