React Newsletter #32

Neos CMS Goes for a Full UI Rewrite with React and Redux, why Redux makes refactoring easy, and the theory of higher order components


Neos CMS Goes for a Full UI Rewrite with React and Redux

Everyone learns a lot from re-writing their product in a different framework. Not everyone is nice enough to share what they learn. Luckily the folks over at Neos CMS are, so here's what they learned migrating their product to use React and Redux.

"So you’ve screwed up your Redux store — or, why Redux makes refactoring easy

A framework/tool’s ability to let you refactor easily should be considered a very attractive feature. A lot of software only supports shooting yourself in the foot. Redux is flexible enough to let you refactor easily and safely even if your first draft wasn’t perfect. Read to find out why.

Higher Order Components: Theory and Practice

A really nice thing about working with React is the idea of higher-order components. Higher-order components concept goes back to higher-order functions, functional programming concept, describing the function that takes other function(s) and returns a function. In exactly the same way, higher-order component takes another component(s) and return a component.

Your Timeline for Learning React

Learning React can be tricky since there are so many different levels to what you need to learn. In this article Dave walks through what technologies to learn along side React when you're first starting out.


Horizon: the realtime, open-source JavaScript backend

Horizon is a realtime, open-source backend for JavaScript apps.

Rapidly build and deploy web or mobile apps using a simple JavaScript API. Scale your apps to millions of users without any backend code.

Built by the RethinkDB team and an open-source community, Horizon lets you build sophisticated apps with lightning speed.

React.js Boilerplate

A highly scalable, offline-first foundation with the best DX and a focus on performance and best practices. Quick setup for new performance orientated, offline–first React.js applications

Learn Redux Video Tutorial Course

Wes is known for producing great online content. In this course he tackles Redux. Best part, it's free.

React Perf Tool

ReactPerfTool tries to give you a more visual way of debugging performance of your React application. It does this by using the addons delivered by the React team and community to get measurements and visualize this using graphs. This makes it easier to spot bottlenecks.

Devcards for React

React Cards is inspired by Bruce Hauman's excellent devcards project which aims to provide ClojureScript developers with a visual REPL-like experience especially suited for UI development.

React Cards tries to bring a similar experience to React developers, opening up the possibility to quickly test the look and feel as well as the behavior of a component. Furthermore enabling developers to write markdown and even run tests against the component, displaying the test results as a React component itself.

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