React Newsletter #316

What React and FedEx have in common, is React strict mode worth it, and building a router for React

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What do React and FedEx have in common?

You may not know, but the React logo was made by Maykel Loomans and inspired by the famous hidden design in the FedEx logo.

Is React Strict Mode Worth It?

Johannes Schickling, the founder of Prisma, doesn't think so. React 18's frustrating double-execution of useEffect was a breaking point for him. Dan Abramov followed up with an explanation for why may not want to turn Strict Mode off just yet.

What the useEvent React hook is (and isn't)

If you're still not sure why we need yet another React hook, Nick Scialli writes about React's reactivity problems, and how useEvent will help solve those.


Building a Router for React

In this gist, Ashok Khanna shows how you can create a simple router for React in less than 100 lines of code. It won't replace all of the features of something like React Router, but it can give you an idea for it works.

Level up your sprint planning with errors inbox

New Relic's Errors Inbox can be a potent tool to help you to both discover what needs to be prioritized in your next sprint planning meeting, and to manage the work during the course of the sprint. Join Kirk Haines for a Guided Tour of the Errors Inbox, and see how you can apply this tool to your own agile planning processes. [sponsored]

Type Safe useReducer with React Context

Simon Kardell walks through the steps to define a reducer, actions, and React context so you can have global Redux-like state management in your React app with the type safety guarantees of TypeScript.


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A hooks-based library for adding delightful interactions to your React components.


A React based component for a quick implementation of Epg, schedules, live streaming, music events, timelines and more. It uses a custom virtual view which allows you to operate on a really big number of data. Created by Karol Kozer.

90s Throwback Portfolio

This portfolio site by Henry Heffernan combines React-Three-Fiber, some cleverly nested iframes, and a retro-aesthetic for a jaw-dropping end result.


Hands-on Accessible Forms

In this Houston React meetup, Cam Beaudoin highlights common accessibility pitfalls of forms and how to overcome them.

Build Netflix with React JS

This 2+ hour video lets you code along with Clint Briley as he builds a Netflix homepage using React, Tailwind, and Firebase.

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