React Newsletter #314

React Native Skia, Zag.js and Component Party

This issue is sponsored by Retool.

Retool just released a brand new React component library that makes is super easy to build any internal tool you can think of -- Stripe refund tools, custom CRMs, analytics dashboards, you name it. We've used it, and it's saved our company 50+ engineering hours so far.

Check it out.


React Native Skia -- For Us, For You, and For Fun

Colin Gray from the Shopify team writes about his team's efforts to create React Native Skia -- which brings Skia's set of powerful, cross-platform 2D drawing primitives to React Native.

Moving from Next to Remix

Kristofer Selbekk writes about the process of rewriting his "pretty basic" website from Next.js to Remix, what he learned along the way, and which technology he prefers.

How HashiCorp developers iterate faster with ISR

Bryce Kalow and Greta Workman wrote on Vercel's blog about HashiCorp's engineers use ISR and on-demand ISR to iterate quickly—while maintaining flexible sites and apps.


How To Build a Real-Time Updating Data Grid in React

There are plenty of examples out there of building a data grid using static data, but what about live streaming data? This blog post explains how you can create a real-time grid that uses the KendoReact Data Grid. Check it out. [sponsored]

Implementing Feature Flags in a Next.js Application

In this tutorial, David Herbert walks you through each step of how to implement feature flags in a Next.js app, for easily controlling access to certain features when testing them with a small subset of your user base.


Yeti Labs is looking for Frontend (React + Typescript) developers

Yeti Labs is a human-centered frontend studio designing and building webapp for DeFi protocols. We love UI animations, innovative UXs, best practices, reusing our code, improving our workflow and learning new things. Come join our crew as we solve interesting challenges while having fun.

Senior or Staff Frontend Engineer - React (100% Remote) is looking for 3 experienced individuals that have a solid understanding of React and want to help design, implement and launch major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~55 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.



The creator of Chakra (a popular React component library) is behind this new, framework-agnostic toolkit for building complex interactions. We wrote about it in-depth in yesterday's Bytes issue.


This minimal React library lets you easily build beautiful scroll experiences using minimal code.

Component Party

This projects lets you compare the syntax for similar components in React, Vue 3, Svelte, and Angular. Created by Mathieu Schimmerling.

React Native ML Kit

React Native On-Device Machine Learning w/ Google ML Kit. Created by Ahmed Mahmoud.


Starbeam is a a library for building reactive data systems that integrate natively with React, Vue, Ember, and Svelte. It interoperates natively with React state management patterns.


A React hook to clamp multiline text to a given height in a responsive way and with extreme flexibility.


The Story of Concurrent React

We spent 50+ hours making this 12-minute video to tell the story of how we got Concurrent React in React 18. Hope you enjoy it.

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