React Newsletter #311

React 18 typings, RedwoodJS launch week, and Writing Redux Reducers in Rust

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New React 18 TypeScript typings are out

This includes a few breaking changes to the types themselves, which you can check out here.

RedwoodJS launch week

During their launch week, Redwood announced v1.0 of its full-stack React framework. Tom Preston-Werner (the creator of Redwood and co-founder of GitHub) also announced $1m to fund Redwood's development and another $1m to go towards investing in startups built on Redwood. We wrote more about all of this in the last issue of Bytes.


React components composition: how to get it right

Nadia Makarevich writes about how one of the most challenging things about React is trying to "get right how and when we should separate our code into independent components and how to compose them properly." This article offers a few techniques and rules on how to do just that.

React 18 Quick Guide & Core Concepts Explained

Shruti Kapoor wrote this quick guide to explain what the different React 18 features are, along with a few helpful examples.

Writing Redux Reducers in Rust

In this article, Arend van Beelen writes about how he and his team at Fiberplane integrated WASM code (for several complex Rust functions) into a React/Redux application, along with why they ended up writing their own bindings generator for it. Intense stuff.

Bad Habits of Mid-Level React Developers

Sam Magura writes about the most common mistakes he's seen as a Staff SWE when reviewing React code written by mid-level React developers.


Monitor Gatsby.js Build Times with New Relic

When building large Gatsby.js websites, we need insight into what is slowing down builds and how our code changes affect build times. With New Relic and OpenTelemetry, you can get a birds eye view of the entire build process to optimize your builds to wait less and ship faster! [sponsored]

React-admin V4: Build Your Own Framework

François Zaninotto walks you through a simple example of using React-admin v4 to remove lines of boilerplate code -- and explains "the spirit, the architecture, and the benefits" of React-admin in the process.



A collection of professionally designed and accessible every day UI components that's framework-agnostic, while still providing first-class React support.


A collection of hooks created by Thomas Thiebaud that lets you easily measure things in React.


A React hook for managing cookies with no dependencies that just released v1.4. Created by Tyler Wolff.

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