React Newsletter #31

Ingredients for efficient web applications, The Redux ecosystem, creating a React Renderer


React, Redux and Immutable.js: Ingredients for Efficient Web Applications

React, Redux and Immutable.js are currently among the most popular JavaScript libraries and are rapidly becoming developers’ first choice when it comes to front-end development. In the few React/Redux projects that Ivan Rogic has worked on, he realised that a lot of developers getting started with React do not fully understand React and how to write efficient code to utilise its full potential.

The Redux ecosystem

Diving into different front-end technologies can be a little taxing, and moving into the React ecosystem is even more taxing. Fortunately there's a large community supporting this ecosystem, and a lot of the difficult problems have been tackled.

How do I GraphQL?

GraphQL’s query language is very easy to understand. For most people, it clicks immediately and doesn’t require much explanation. Thanks to GraphQL’s type system and tools like GraphiQL — a query builder/editor for GraphQL — learning GraphQL isn’t hard at all, and its advantages over traditional RESTful APIs become obvious quite quickly. Jonas Helfer lines out some of these advantages.


Learn you a React Renderer for Great Good

This is still a work in progress, but it's so cool we figured we'd highlight it anyway. In this repo you'll learn how to create your own React renderer. Creating a React Renderer will give you the opportunity to apply the same React knowledge that you and your team already know and enjoy from the web and native to whatever target environment you need.

Interactive guide to server-side rendering with Webpack, React, React Transmit, CSS modules and more

Interactive tutorials are rad. Follow this tutorial commit-by-commit, to see the server-side rendering drama unfold with a happy ending!

First look: React Native Navigator Experimental

If you've used the Navigator component for Routing in React Native you know there are some improvements that can be made. Thankfully there's a new NavigatorExperimental component which is in the works and here's a first look at it.


React Native Platform Specific Stylesheet

Sick of using ternary operators to declare Android or iOS styles in React Native? With React Native Platform Stylesheet you can now more elegantly style for each platform separately in a way you're already used to.

Detect Unnecessary updates in React

One of the biggest performance bottlenecks with React is the amount of rerenders you can cause your application to perform. Any change to state or props on any of your components will cause a rerender if you don't take steps to optimize them. This tool makes detecting those render steps a lot easier.

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