React Newsletter #308

React Native architecture updates, the return of server side routing, and a new Storybook alternative

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An update on the new React Native architecture rollout

Some big changes are coming to React Native's architecture in 2022, and Nicola Corti from the React Native team at Meta wrote about what the rollout process will look like.

Remix Stacks

Remix just announced a collection of pre-built, production ready templates that let you get started with building a Remix app in just a few minutes. They also give you the ability to easily create your own custom templates yourself.


The Return of Server Side Routing

Ryan Carniato (the creator of SolidJS) wrote about how much of the web has been moving to client-side navigation for their sites, and what the future might look like going forward.

Idiomatic Redux: Designing the Redux Toolkit Listener Middleware

Mark Erikson (one of the lead maintainers of Redux) wrote about the process of how he and the rest of the Redux team created a new "listener" middleware API for Redux Toolkit -- a process that took over 2.5 years.

Upgrading Next.js for instant performance improvements

Lydia Hallie (from the Vercel team) writes about how she was able to vastly improve the Core Web Vitals score of a demo app (from 32 to 99) by upgrading it to Next.js 12, and some of the specific changes she made to improve performance so dramatically.

Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes

Taylor Hunt wrote this highly opinionated (but entertaining) article about trying to fit the ecommerce site for Kroger (a large, US-based grocery store chain) in 20KB and how React "thwarted his goal of serving users as they are."


Breaking Down JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) - Free eBook

We've been talking with developers about JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and the questions that usually come up are around how to secure them, pros and cons, and how to revoke JWTs. Here are the answers to all of your burning JWT questions. Download the eBook today! [sponsored]

Avoid Keyboard in React Native Like a Pro

In this tutorial, Mateusz Mędrek gives a few helpful techniques for avoiding the common issue of soft keyboard covering the bottom parts of screens, which then are unreachable for the user, unless the keyboard is hidden.



Vojtech Miksu created this new drop-in alternative to Storybook for testing React components. It's based on Vite and claims to be a lot faster, a lot smaller, with all the same features as Storybook and more (including code-splitting and fast refresh enabled by default).

React Arborist

A sortable, virtual, customizable tree component for React -- created by James Kerr.

React Runner 1.0

Neo Nie created this a modern alternative to react-live and lightweight alternative to Sandpack for React.

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