React Newsletter #307

React 18 RC, Flutter vs. React Native, and an in-depth Remix review

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React 18 RC1

React 18 is now available as a Release Candidate. This article from the React Team walks you through how to upgrade to it.

Xuan Huang is joining the React Team

Check out his great talk on React without Memo at the last React Conf to learn more about him.


Flutter is better than React Native... in all the ways that don't matter

A provocative title for a good article by Jamon Holmgren, the founder of Infinite Red, who argues that React Native is still supreme thanks to the strength of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Remix - Full Context Review

József Miskolczy wrote this an very in-depth analysis to help technical decision makers evaluate how well Remix can serve their project needs. It introduces the framework, then takes a deep dive into its technical capabilities and unique architectural choices, while attempting to quantify the business impact of Remix over every aspect of the software development process.

Good advice on JSX conditionals

Vladimir Klepov writes about how "conditional rendering is a cornerstone of any templating language" and shares some helpful knowledge on how it applies to building React apps.

Delightful React File/Directory Structure

In this article, Josh Comeau shares the structure he uses across all his current projects, including his blog and custom course platform.


How to set up a professional React project (including screencast)

In this tutorial, Johannes Kettmann walks you through the process of setting up a new application using the "most popular React tech stack," including Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, styled-components, Cypress, and Storybook

Projects & Resources

Mantine 4.0

A new major release for one of the most popular UI libraries out there with 120+ hooks and components with dark theme support.

KendoReact is the only UI component library you need

Its 100+ feature-rich components are built for React to help you create web apps much faster. The library is professionally built and includes everything from buttons and dropdowns to fast and performant data grid, scheduler and editor. Easy to integrate, customizable and fully accessible. [sponsored]


This library (created by Fernando Rojo describes itself as two things:

  1. A tiny wrapper around React Navigation and Next.js that lets you share navigation code across platforms.
  2. A set of patterns and examples for building cross-platform apps with React Native + Next.js

🔋 ts-nextjs-tailwind-starter

A Next.js + Tailwind CSS + TypeScript starter packed with useful development features. Theodorus Clarence created the library and wrote more about it here.

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