React Newsletter #306

Gatsby news, Solid.js feels like React, and moving from Next to Remix

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GatsbyConf 2022 News

A wrap-up of the big announcements from last week's Gatsby Conf, including Image CDN, incremental deploys, CMS homepage starters and more.


Solid.js feels like what I always wanted React to be

Nick Scialli writes about the different ways in which he feels that Solid.js better fulfills the promise of React than React itself.

Moving from Next to Remix

Adam Collier wrote about his experience completely re-writing his blog in Remix from Next.js -- including the reasons behind it and how he went about doing it.

React UI Components: 15 Extensive Libraries

This opinionated article takes a look at 15 popular React libraries, and features them based on their completeness, accessibility, and level of activity.


Flightcontrol v1.0 launch

Brandon Bayer and the team behind Blitz.js just launched v1.0 of their new deployment platform that promises to be "less limiting that Heroku and less complex than AWS." too complex.

React Tidy

A collection of atomic, independent, typed, tested and documented React custom hooks.


React typing animation in roughly 400 bytes of JavaScript.


10 React Antipatterns to Avoid - Code This, Not That!

This 9-minute video from Fireship shares 10 common React pitfalls and how to avoid them with some helpful ticks and tricks.

The Story of React

ICYMI we made this 10-minute video on the history of React, and why it became the dominant force in web development that it is today. It's been watched by 176k in the last month, and we think you'll like it too.

React Portfolio Website Tutorial From Scratch

This 3.5-hour video takes you step by step through the process of creating and deploying a fully responsive personal portfolio site from scratch

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