React Newsletter #305

Redux v1.8, Optimizing third-party script loading with Next.js, and How to use Recoil for state management

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Redux Toolkit v1.8

This release adds the new "listener" middleware, updates configureStore's types to better handle type inference from middleware that override dispatch return values, and updates our TS support matrix to drop support for TS < 4.1.


Optimizing third-party script loading in Next.js

This article by Leena Sohoni and Houssein Djirdeh on the Chrome Team shows you how to take advantage of the Next.js Script component to introduce third-party scripts into your apps while addressing potential performance issues out of the box.

Hooks: React’s do-notation

This cheeky article attempts to answer an age-old question, "what is a React hook, really?"

Screaming Architecture - Evolution of a React folder structure

Johannes Kettmann wrote this comprehensive article that reflects his observations of popular folder structures evolving in a growing codebase and the problems they can cause. It also includes a short list of best practices and a challenge to turn a design from his upcoming course into a feature-based folder structure.


How to Use Recoil for State Management in Your React Projects

Recoil is a new-ish state management tool created by an internal team at Meta. This tutorial by Abdullah Adeel provides a helpful introduction to Recoil and demonstrates how you'd use it in a React app.

The 5 Most Useful Features of the KendoReact DateTimePicker

It's not impossible to create an intuitive, accessible and beautifully designed DateTimePicker that's also simple to implement. This tutorial will teach you how you can take advantage of this highly customizable and configurable component from KendoReact. [sponsored]

Creating a Read Progress Bar in React and TailwindCSS

In this tutorial, Anshuman Bhardwaj walks you through how to build a slick read progress bar using React and Tailwind, so that your blog can look as legit as your favorite creator's.


React Awesome Shapes

A cool library for inserting unique, interesting shapes into your React site with ease.

React Shimmer

A powerful, customizable, Suspense-like <img> component that (optionally) simulates a shimmer effect while loading.


A hierarchical tree component for React in Typescript.


A lightweight, free and open-source library to create stunning, touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects.

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