React Newsletter #304

Next.js 12.1, Remix 1.2, and Expo 101

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Next.js 12.1

The highlight of this release is On-demand ISR (Incremental Static Regeneration) -- which was apparently one of their most requested features ever.

Remix 1.2

This release comes with a new serverBuildTarget config option that removes some of the overhead of configuring Remix to interface with your deploy target.

GatsbyConf 2022

GatsbyConf is happening on March 2nd and 3rd this year with lots of exciting announcements rumored.


React Native for Windows is helping Settings improve more quickly

Steven Moyes and Alexander Sklar from the Windows team at Microsoft wrote about how React Native for Windows is helping to deliver new features and capabilities to users faster and with the same great visual fidelity as Windows 11. It's not just for mobile!

Comparing Gatsby and Next.js for website development

Alex Barashkov wrote about how he actively uses both React frameworks to build websites at his agency, and how he finds that each one fits better for different use cases.

Expo 101: Building mobile apps in weeks, not years

In this article, Mauro Garcia gives a solid overview of the entire Expo ecosystem and shows you how to create your first app, add various features, build it in the cloud, and submit it for review in the mobile app stores.


How to Improve Designer-Developer Collaboration with Figma UI Kits

Ah, the infamous designer-developer handoff. It’s an unfortunate reality that designers and developers often have to overcome a level of distrust when working together. Learn how Figma UI Kits solve this by providing a single source of truth that all parties can reference to and how to use them. [sponsored]

Putting test files in the pages folder in a Next.js app

Ben Ilegbodu writes about how to include test and other non-page files next to page components and API routes within the pages directory in a Next.js application.

Writing Custom Useful React Hooks with TypeScript and Testing Them with React Testing Library (part 1)

In this tutorial, Kirill Shvets walks you through the process of writing custom React hooks using TypeScript and testing them to get 100% test coverage.


React Hooks Library

A useful collection of hooks and utilities for modern React that are written in TypeScript, SSR-ready, and tree shakable.


A growing collection of useful helpers and fully functional, ready-made abstractions for react-three-fiber.


The Story of Asynchronous JavaScript

We made this 10-minute video to help you understand the story of callbacks, promises, and Async/await in JavaScript. Not React related, but close enough.

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