React Newsletter #30

Isomorphic React and SEO, flux for component states is an anti-pattern, and confusion about Saga pattern


Isomorphic React and SEO: The Benefits of a Single Page App on React JS

This article сovers the main questions: Why the development of isomorphic applications is getting more and more popular? What is the advantage of a single page application on React JS as compared to other SPA types? How does isomorphic React help create SEO-friendly SPAs? And why do many developers and businesses prefer React JS development?

Flux for component states is an anti-pattern

If you've been doing React for a while you might have tried a few different Flux implementations along the way. A lot of React users have since migrated to Redux, which is a really great paradigm. If you're still using a more traditional style Flux library, you might have ran into the same issues Oliver Hager has.

Confusion about Saga pattern

Saga is a failure management pattern. In his paper Hector Garcia-Molina, inventor of the pattern, defines sagas as an approach to handling system failures in long-running transactions. If you're doing Redux, it might not be entirely clear how the Saga pattern fits into your business logic. Roman Liutikov clears up some of the confusion.


Login users with Facebook in React Native

At F8 Facebook released their FBSDK module for better flow between React Native and the Facebook SDK. If you're new to native development getting everything wired up correctly can still be quite challenging. In this post Mike walks through how to implementing Facebook auth with React Native - if you're using React Native and might need facebook auth soon, save this.

Goodbye ../../../

Modularizing your file structure is great but often time you get nested imports like this, ../../../file. Though it works, it's not ideal. You either need to change your file structure around or ... read this article to find out.



Have you ever wanted to build an Ionic app with React? Well regardless of how you answer that now you can with React-Ionic.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI bundles a rich collection of React Components and supports flat (iOS) and Material Design (Android) equally. It gives a native look and feel to hybrid apps.


Xblocks is a JavaScript library allows you to create complex custom elements, combining the flexibility of X-Tag with power and simplicity React.


New generation CMS on top of React, Redux and GraphQL

React Url

There are a lot of things that go into dealing with user generated content, like ensuring your inputs are secure, and that you have enforced limitations; some issues are less insidious thought, like turning url strings into links. The developers over at Platzi have made it a little bit easier in React.

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