React Newsletter #3

React + Angular DI, Creating react-styleguide, and The React.js View State


React + Angular DI

A few weeks ago we posted an article from Merrick as he ventured into making his React code more testable. We're excited to announce he finally nailed it. In this post Merrick walks through how to use Angular's di.js with React in order to create testable code without module system level mocking.

Creating react-styleguide

One thing that more web developers should do when building a website is create a style guide -- even if it's only internal. In this post, Joseph walks through his reasoning for creating react-styleguide, a flexible react component for creating style guides for your React projects.


The React.js View State

One of the biggest and most common problems in front-end web development is state management. A developer is constantly focused on keeping the state object in sync with its view and the DOM representation. In this article Leonardo walks through how to use React to solve this problem.


React Hacker News Clone

One of the best ways to learn a new technology is by building something with it. In this repo, Matthew walks through how to re-create the Hacker News Front Page using React.

Redux + React-Redux in TypeScript

Have you ever been curious how to implement TypeScript with Flux? Well now you know.

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