React Newsletter #299

Remix vs. Next.js, React elements vs. React components, and good advice on JSX conditionals

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New YouTube Video

React Elements vs React Components

We made this 1-minute video to teach you how React Elements are the real building blocks of React.


Remix vs. Next.js

Ryan Florence (co-founder of Remix) wrote a great, thorough article on the all of the differences between Remix and Next.js. It's well written and gives great perspective on what makes Remix unique.

From Native to React Native to Flutter

Ajin Asokan writes about his team's journey in building a mobile stock trading app and their process from going fully native to React Native to Flutter, and the things he learned along the way.

Good advice on JSX conditionals

It's easy to shoot yourself in the foot with JSX conditionals. In this article, Vladimir Klepov looks at the trickier corners of JSX conditionals, and shares five tips for staying safe.

Mastering the art of forms in React

Kolby Sisk writes about how (in his mind) there is a lot of confusion about forms in React, and how a lot of React devs are making them much harder than they need to be. This article helps clear up some of that confusion.

Comparing Svelte with React and Vue

Josh Collins is a Senior frontend developer at Shopify and a big fan of Svelte. This article is very Svelte-centric (and critical of React at times), but it's interesting to see what makes Svelte unique in the minds of its biggest fans.


Three ways to create 3D particle effects

In this tutorial, Varun Vachhar shares three different techniques for creating cool 3D particle animations using React Three Fiber.



Elf is a reactive immutable state management solution built on top of RxJS. It uses custom RxJS operators to query the state and pure functions to update it. It's focused on simplicity and minimizing boilerplate.

React Grid Layout

A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.


A React component for playing a variety of URLs, including file paths, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, and more.


Beginner React Tutorial

This 12-hour video from Free Code Camp gives a beginner-friendly intro to React by walking you through how to build 8 different real-world projects.

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