React Newsletter #298

Complete guide to React Router, Relay 13.0, and 3D CSS animations with React

This week's issue is sponsored by Raygun.

Raygun is expanding its powerful Error Monitoring and Crash Reporting solution to Flutter. Now you can get complete visibility into the health of your Flutter applications, with rich diagnostics that take you to the root cause of errors and crashes.

👉 Read their blog post about it.


A Complete Guide to React Router: Everything You Need to Know

We spent a lot of time creating this guide to be the one and only resource you'll ever need for React Router (including RRv6). You can read it from beginning to end, or just dive deep on the few areas you're stuck on. Would love to hear what you think of it.


3D CSS "Flippy Snaps" With React And GreenSock

Jhey Thompkins created the term "flippy snaps" to describe a particular type of animation he saw while watching TV one night. In this tutorial, he shows you how to create your own CSS flippy snaps using React and GreenSock.

Introduction to custom visualizations with New Relic [sponsored]

This tutorial walks you through how to create your own custom visualizations using the New Relic One SDK, which consists of a React component, logic, data queries, and external dependencies. The SDK also provides a component library that you can use to make NerdGraph requests, access platform state context, and more.

How to Integrate the Material UI Data Grid in React Using Data from a REST API

In this tutorial, Deji Adesoga discusses why you should use the Data Grid in Material UI in your project. Then, he walks through how to install and set up the Data Grid, consume and integrate a RESTful API, and enable pagination (as well as sorting and filtering).


Relay 13.0

Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications, created by Meta (FKA Facebook). This v13 release includes a fancy new Rust compiler that's really fast.


A React-like library for building fast, portable, and beautiful user interfaces with Rust. Runs on the web, desktop, mobile, and more.


A new, tree-shakeable of Faker.js that will (hopefully) not be fully deleted any time soon 🥲. Created by Netanel Basal.

Amplify UI

Open-source, cloud-connected UI components for React Native, Android, iOS, & Web.


A collection of React components, transcribed from Vercel's branding page.


The Story of TypeScript

We made this 6-minute video on why TypeScript is taking over the ~~world~~ web. It doesn't have a lot to do with React (directly), but I have a feeling you'll like it anyway.

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