React Newsletter #297

Imperative vs. Declarative programming, React Conf Recap, and the State of Storybook


Imperative vs Declarative Programming

Our only New Year's Resolution for 2022 is to become YouTube famous, so that our friends will finally think we're cool. We kicked things off with this 5-minute video, which took us 5 whole days to create. Would love to hear what you think of it!


React Conf 2021 Recap

The React Team wrote this helpful summary of React Conf, including a great rundown of new features coming soon to React 18.

State of Storybook.js 2021

Michael Shilman wrote this candid article about Storybook's progress in 2021 and all of their plans for 2022.

Meet the new hook useSyncExternalStore

In this brief article, Chetan Gawai gives a helpful introduction and high-level overview to this new hook that was introduced in React 18 for external stores. He covers the "why" behind it and how you might use it in future React projects.


How to Set Up a Payment Gateway in Next.js and React with Razorpay and TailwindCSS

Manu Arora walks through each step of building a landing page that lets the end user purchase products from a web application.


React Motion Router

Declarative routing library for React with page transitions and animations that's still under development. Based on React Router and React Navigation. Created by Nathan Johnson.

A Visual Guide to React Rendering

Alex Sidorenko created this CodeSandbox that provides a helpful way to picture React Rendering, which goes along with some of his previous articles on this topic.


A minimalist-friendly ~1.5KB routing for React and Preact. Nothing else but hooks.


Data Visualization in React using D3.js

In this 43-minute video, Michael Couch walks through how to build a few different data visualizations in React using D3.js, including a line chart, a time series, and a categorical histogram. Data retrieval examples include an http CSV response and an API JSON response.

Route Page Transition, Smooth Scroll & Custom Cursor

This 40-minute video gives a great walk-through of how to build Route Page Transition, Smooth Scroll & Custom Cursor by using Framer Motion, Locomotive Scroll & React.

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