React Newsletter #296

The Top Links of 2021

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Programming hasn’t fundamentally changed in a long time. Building an app usually means Googling for the right component library, debugging dependencies, rewriting a lot of boilerplate code, and figuring out where to deploy. Everything but solving the problem at hand.

Retool has a new approach that gives you the ease of visual programming with the power and flexibility of real code. Connect to any database or API. Drag-and-drop a UI while simultaneously live programming it. Deploy instantly.

These are our top React Newsletter links from 2021. Enjoy!


Tao of React - Software Design, Architecture & Best Practices

You know how 50% of blog posts could have just been tweets? Well, this article by Alex Kondov is so in-depth that it probably should’ve been a book. This article is a collection of principles and best practices about components, application structure, testing, styling, state management and data fetching.

Double Your React Coding Speed With This Simple Trick

The title of this article definitely has some major Buzzfeed clickbait vibes, but Aleksey Kozin does a great job of giving you an in-depth look at how refactoring your code into reusable building blocks can make your life a lot easier as a React developer.

6 React Best Practices For 2021

In this article, Michiel Mulders shares 6 tips for writing clean, readable React code that’s easier to test and work with in general.

7 things you may not know about useState

Vladimir Klepov writes about how doing code reviews for his team’s hooks-based projects has made him realize that many developers aren’t aware of some awesome features (and nasty pitfalls) that useState offers. It’s one of his favorite hooks, so he wrote up these 7 facts about useState that are essential for anyone working with hooks.

React antipatterns to avoid

Iskander Samatov writes about some of the anti-patterns most commonly seen in React applications and how to fix them. These anti-patterns can make your codebase a nightmare to work with if you don’t learn to recognize and prevent them at their early stages.]


Pagination in Javascript and React, with a custom usePagination() hook

This tutorial by Damilola Jerugba will help you understand the concept of pagination generally and walk you through how to implement it in React.



An open-source library of 120+ React components and hooks with native dark mode support and a focus on usability, accessibility, & developer experience

React Location

A brand new router created by Tanner Linsley (the creator of React Query, React Table and React Charts) that provides “powerful, enterprise-grade routing for React apps.” It features declarative & asynchronous route elements and data loaders, first-class Search Param APIs, nested-routing, code-splitting and more.

Radix Primitives

A collection of 20+ unstyled UI components for building high-quality, accessible, React-based design systems and web apps.

Bulletproof React

A simple, scalable, and powerful architecture for building production-ready React applications. Created by Alan Alickovic.


Lets you easily detect devices and render views according to the detected device type.


Universal React design systems that optimize for native & web thanks to an optimizing compiler.


Swyx interviews Sunil Pai about React and the Meta of the Web

In this 80-minute video, Swyx has a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation with Sunil Pai that covers the future of React, the Third Age of JavaScript, the Meta of online discourse, and more.

How to Code an Infinite Scroller with React Hooks

This 17-minute video goes over how to build infinite scroll with React Hooks – a common interview question and a helpful skill to have.

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