React Newsletter #295

Framer Motion 3D, CRA5, and a new UI testing handbook

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Framer Motion Goes 3D

The popular React animation library just released a new, 3D animation library for React Three Fiber. It offers most of the same functionality as Framer Motion for declarative 3D scenes.

Create React App releases v5

This release brings updated dependencies (including Webpack, Jest, ESLint, and PostCSS), new support for Tailwind CSS, and more.

We wrote full stories (with jokes) about Framer Motion 3D and CRA5 in yesterday's issue of Bytes.

Blitz.js considering big pivot

Brandon Bayer (Blitz creator & CEO) wrote about a potential pivot away from "React framework" and towards a "framework agnostic toolkit" approach.


100 Things I learned Working on the React Team

Dan Abramov basically wrote an article in the form of this 100-tweet thread about insights he's gained while working on React.

UI Testing Handbook

The Storybook team wrote this 9-chapter handbook all about the best UI testing strategies used by scaled front-end teams.

Enzyme is dead. Now what?

Wojciech Maj (the maintainer of enzyme-adapter-react-17) writes about why he believes that Enzyme -- a popular utility to test React components -- is dead and how he thinks we should all move on.

The only two custom React hooks we ever really use

In this article, Luke Hager (the founder of Fullstacked) shares his opninion about how he believes that you can reduce everything in React down to two simple concepts -- rendering the current state and updating the state. Then he shares the two custom React hooks he uses to do that. You may or may not agree, but that's what makes the internet fun.


EAS Update

A new tool from the Expo team that lets you provide bug fixes or make other small changes between app store releases to your Expo/React Native app.

React Native Skia

A new library (still in alpha) that brings the Skia Graphics Library to React Native. Skia serves as the graphics engine for Google Chrome and Chrome OS, Android, Flutter, Mozilla Firefox and Firefox OS, and many other products. Created by William Candillon and members of the Shopify team.


React Native Skia in Action

In this 30-minute video, William Candillon and members of the Shopify team give a live demo of the new library and discuss what it was like building the project.

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