React Newsletter #292

330 React interview questions, structuring an enterprise-level React app, and using Rust to create fast React components

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React folder structure for enterprise level applications

Kolby Sisk demonstrates one approach to structuring your folders for a large-scale React app that he's been using (and tinkering with) for the last few years. Even better, he explains the reasoning behind this structure so that you can use the ideas to architect the best solution for your project.

330 React Interview Questions

Pramit Marattha created this robust list of React interview questions that will be helpful to those interested in pursuing React jobs at any skill level.

Introduction to Redux Toolkit for Beginners

This article by Victoria Lo gives a helpful, light introduction to Redux Toolkit -- "the official, opinionated, batteries-included toolset for efficient Redux development".


Using Rust (and Wasm) to create fast React components

In this article, Josh Finnie gives a brief introduction to Rust and Wasm and then demonstrates how you can integrate rust into a standard React workflow to improve performance.

Add Authentication to your Next.js / React Single Page Application

This tutorial walks through how to add authentication and user management to your Next.js React app using the new Next.js Edge Runtime and the Ory Kratos open source project with end-to-end tests.

Building a web3 frontend with React

This tutorial is part 2 in Rounak Banik's series on creating a web3 site. This part goes over how to let users connect a Metamask wallet to your website and how to call a contract function, make a payment, and mint an NFT.



A brand new styling library (still in alpha) for React Native that lets you share components across your web and native apps "without sacrificing look, feel, and performance." Created by Nate Weinert.


A library for declaratively fetching and caching your application's data. Its powerful useResources hook or withResources higher-order component (HOC) allows you to easily construct a component's data flow.

React State Museum

A whirlwind tour of React state management systems with helpful examples. Created by Gant Laborde.


A helper library to use react-query more efficiently and with greater consistency.


Building Twitter with React

This 7-hour video tutorial walks you through the entire process of building a Twitter clone using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase v9, NextAuth, and Recoil.

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