React Newsletter #291

Remix 1.0, Redux 8.0, and a closer look at partial hydration

This week’s issue is sponsored by Progress KendoReact.

Figma for Developers: Why It's a Good Idea to Get to Know This Tool

If you thought Figma was only for designers, think again! This blog post will show you how developers are using this powerful tool to improve collaboration with their design team and easily find their way in Figma design files. It gives a clear picture of file organization in Figma and ways to export assets to ease the pain of design-to-development handoff.


Remix v1 released

The team behind React Router just launched their long-hyped React metaframework called Remix. Its founders call it an "edge-first web framework that embraces JavaScript runtimes running as close as possible to your users." They team has raised some VC money already and they recently hired Kent C. Dodds.

Vercel raises another $150 million

Not to be outdone, Vercel just raised another huge round of funding to "accelerate how we support open-source projects, make the Web Edge-first, build the end-to-end development platform, and grow our team." They also just hired Rich Harris to work on Svelte full time.

Redux v8.0 beta

Major changes:

  • Conversion of the codebase to TypeScript (no more @types/react-redux)
  • Use of React's new useSyncExternalStore API for React 18 compat
  • Removal of unused legacy APIs (connectAdvanced, the pure option for connect)
  • Modernization of build artifact compilation


How to build stunning 3D scenes with React Three Fiber

This article by Varun Vachhar shows you how to create breathtaking 3D animations using React Three Fiber (R3F). It walks through setting up a stage, creating geometry, adding lighting and enabling post-processing effects, and it shows you how to build animations from scratch.

What is partial hydration and why is everyone talking about it?

Anthony Campolo wrote this great article that explains exactly what partial hydration is and why there's been so much hype around this concept lately.


How to Create and Publish a React Component Library

This tutorial by Alex Eagleson walks you through the process of creating and publishing your own custom React component library and hosting it on Github.

Creating a React Custom Hook using TDD

Matti Bar-Zeev takes you through the steps of creating a React Custom Hook which will encapsulate the logic behind a simple Pagination component.


RFC Test Selectors

Created by React Core Team member, Brian Vaughn, this experimental, cross-platform RFC API is designed to make e2e testing more robust with the ability to select by text, component, and more.


A new tool for creating faster design systems that bills itself as a "much faster, more modern way to write React Native + React Native Web apps", thanks to an optimizing compiler. Created by Nate Weinert


An app development framework built atop React that’s easy to use, performant and customizable.


A Figma plugin that lets you press a button and get React components from a design. You can preview this code live in the browser, and then copy the code into your own app. Check out this video to see how it works.

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