React Newsletter #287

New React Docs, Breaking down react-three-fiber, and Stepping up your Redux game with Redux Toolkit

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In this blog series -- A Guide to Building a UI Component Library: Building Robust Components, TJ VanToll shares what he’s learned from over a decade of writing and working with UI components for the web. This article focuses on building robust UI components, complete with unit tests and excellent documentation.

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New React Docs (Beta)

It's been 3 years since hooks were released, but now we've finally got some updated React docs that teach a hooks-first approach. These docs are still a WIP, but they look great so far.

Next.js 12 Released

  • Rust compiler: 3x faster HMR & 5x faster builds
  • AVIF support: 20% smaller images
  • Edge Functions runtime & Middleware (beta)
  • SSR Streaming & React Server Components (alpha)
  • Native ESM & URL imports (alpha)
  • Bot-aware ISR

Gatsby 4 general release

We shared the beta release a few weeks ago, and now the full general release is here! Gatsby 4 introduces new features like Deferred Static Generation, Server-Side Rendering, Parallel Query Running, and much more.


A Technical Breakdown of react-three-fiber

This article by Cody Bennett discusses how React and JSX work to build react-three-fiber. It covers and uses the same techniques to produce the same API step-by-step.

Stepping up your Redux game with Redux Toolkit and TypeScript

Redux Toolkit is the "official, opinionated, batteries-included toolset for efficient Redux development." This article by Leandro Ercoli provides a brief overview of some cool Redux Toolkit features that will boost your code quality for your next React project.

A Visual Guide to React Rendering

When does react component re-render? What can cause the re-render, and how to prevent unnecessary renders? This quick cheat sheet, written by Alex Sidorenko, is a helpful reference for whenever you find yourself asking these questions.


Migrating from React Redux to React Query

This tutorial by Robert Hoffman discusses some of React Query's advantages over Redux and walks you through the process of migrating from Redux to React Query.


Remotion 2.5

Remotion is a library created by Jonny Burger that allows you to create videos programmatically in React. This v2.5 release includes new features like In/Out markers, support for different playback rates, a new <Loop> component, and more.

Create Rust App

This is exactly what you think it is -- A tool for setting up a modern Rust + React web app by running one command.

React Command Palette

An accessible (WAI-ARIA compliant), browser-compatible React command palette, like the one in Atom or Sublime. We've featured this project by Asa Baylus in the past, but wanted to share it again as it's been gaining more popularity recently.


A React wrapper for Chart.js 2.0 and 3.0, the most popular charting library.


Realtime Notification App Using React and

In this hour long video, Lama Dev walks you through how to send instant notifications using React and

10 React Libraries you must use in 2021

This short video (with a nice, click-baity title) by codedamn goes over some popular libraries that are commonly used with React.

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