React Newsletter #286

How to type hooks, improving app performance by upgrading to MUI 5, and a helpful Next.js cheatsheet

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React & TypeScript: how to type hooks (a complete guide)

In this article, Pierre Ouannes goes over how to type common React hook, along with a few bonuses like how to type forwardRef and how to type custom hooks.

A 55% Performance Improvement Upgrading Material-UI from v4 to v5

Thomas Beverley writes about how his team went about upgrading their codebase from Material-UI v4 to MUI 5, the challenges they met along the way, and how the upgrade eventually resulted in a 55% performance improvement for their project.

The useEffect Hook – Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Iva Kop discusses how most React developers are pretty comfortable with how hooks work at this point. But there's one useEffect gotcha that lots of developers keep falling for. She'll walk you through what it is and how you can be sure to avoid it.

How to replace useState with useRef and be a winner

Vladimir Klepov writes about the difference between react state and non-react state, when state can be safely replaced with a ref, and a few optimizations you can employ based on this distinction.


How to Add a Flawless Database Hook to Your React Projects

In this tutorial, Michael Bagley demonstrates how you can use a dependency array to automatically re-fetch your central data, similar to how it re-runs the useEffect hook.


Next.js Cheatsheet

An open-source cheatsheet that covers helpful concepts and common tasks in Next.js. Created by Gourav Goyal.

Cromwell CSS

A free, open source headless TypeScript CMS for creating lightning-fast websites with React and Next.js. It has a powerful plugin/theming system while providing extensive Admin panel GUI for a WordPress-like user experience. The creators also wrote a blog post about their motivations behind the project and how it works.

Pigeon Maps

React maps without external dependencies -- created by Marius Andra.


A lightweight frontend framework based on Redux, Redux-saga and React-router that's inspired by Elm and Choo.


A simple and efficient React component to format date with a *** time ago statement. For example, '3 hours ago'.


React Firebase Authentication Tutorial

In this 30-minute video, Pedro Machado walks you through how to create an authentication system in a React app using Firebase 9 (or higher).

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