React Newsletter #282

Gatsby 4, MUI 5.0, and a React Native Universal Monorepo

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Gatsby 4 Beta released

Highlights include:

  • Server side rendering -- Each web page is served to a visitor at runtime.

  • Deferred static generation -- Instead of generating all pages at build time, you designate some pages to be built at build time, and others to be built when a user first accesses the page at run time.

  • Parallel processing -- Multi-processing across shared cores to reduce build times for SSG.

MUI (aka Material-UI) releases v5.0

This release features a new style system, better customization, new components, and lots of other enhancements to improve both user experience and developer experience.


React Readability Analysis Of Implementing Custom Hooks

This article by Chak Shun Yu goes over three different approaches to implement custom hooks: not abstracting anything, exposing a limited set of behavior through an API, and putting everything in a custom hook. He discusses the advantages and drawbacks in terms of readability, and the use cases for every approach.

React is Declarative - What Does it Mean?

Alex Sidorenko writes about how it's drilled into you when learning React that it is declarative. But what does declarative mean, and what is the real difference between declarative and imperative UI's?

How to use React useReducer hook like a pro

In this article, Pierre Ouannes what the useReducer hook is and how to use it to manage state in your React apps.


Next.js "New Post" Node Script

In this tutorial, Elijah Manor walks you through how he built a tool to help start new posts for his Next.js site (but you could do something similar for Gatsby, Eleventy, Hugo, etc.). He writes that he "mostly wanted a quick way to generate a new post so that I can reduce the amount of time to start writing content!"


React Native Universal Monorepo

React Native boilerplate that's still a WIP and supports multiple platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, web, browser extensions, Electron. Created by Matteo Mazzarolo. For more info on how to set it up and the motivations behind the project, check out this guide.

EBS Design

A React-based UI toolkit for enterprise grade applications


Chkflow is a react component editor/view for tree and graph data structures inspired by workflowy's interface.


Build and Deploy a Full Stack Realtime Chat Messaging App with Authentication & SMS Notifications

In this 3.5-hour video tutorial, you'll learn how to build a sophisticated and fully-responsive medical pager chat app using React, JavaScript, Node.js, and more.

Introduction to Testing React Components

In this 20-minute video, you'll learn how to test a React application using a library called Testing Library. It covers the basics of testing a React component along with some test driven development (TDD).

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