React Newsletter #28

Encapsulation in Redux, how to pitch React Native to developers, and how to make your React apps 15x faster


Encapsulation in Redux: the Right Way to Write Reusable Components

Redux is great - but that doesn't mean that it's not possible to write "bad" Redux code. In fact, if you're new to Redux there are some common mistakes that you should be aware of. One of those is breaking encapsulation. This article discusses how to fix that.

How to pitch React Native to Developers

Want to use React Native? Of course you do. If you went to React Conf or F8, you know Facebook is behind React Native 100%. Here's a handy article on how to pitch React Native to the other developers on your team.

How to Make Your React Apps 15x Faster

Without any modifications, React is really fast as-is. There are, however, a few things that you can do to improve performance. While working at HelloSign, Freddy Rangel discovered some quick fixes that made their apps incredibly snappy. With these simple changes, he was able to reduce render time from over 3000 milliseconds to less than 200 milliseconds.

Performance optimisations for React applications

Who doesn't love a good performance article. This article is extremely well written and has something for everyone whether you're brand new to shouldComponentUpdate or you've mastered it by now.


Building Redux Middleware

If you've built anything with Redux you've also probably used some handy redux-middleware. Middleware in redux gives you access to the state changes and actions going on in your app. You can do a whole host of cool things with middleware, like mirror your state in local storage or set up fancy caching layers to your app.

Creating middleware is almost as easy as using middleware, but there aren't a lot of good resources to help you get started. Zach Silveira has given us just that; a handy resource for creating redux middleware!

Functional Reactive Game Programming

Functional Reactive Programming is currently one of the hottest paradigms in the JavaScript community. Manuel Wieser played with RxJS over the last couple of weeks and decided that there is no better way to dive into it than recreating a classic game. Computer games infamously store a lot of external state and my goal was to model everything as streams without relying on a single external state variable. This post shares with you his approach as a complete beginner to RxJS.


React Virtual List

Virtual vertical list component in React. Displays thousands of items without breaking a sweat!

A Babel preset and plugins for optimizing React code.

Who doesn't want to make their app more performant. Check out this Babel preset and plugins to do just that.

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