React Newsletter #270

Good Redux articles, a React Preview VSCode extension, and building a liquid swipe animation in React Native

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Microsoft Teams is now 100% on React

The Microsoft Teams app has moved away from Electron and Angular and fully embraced a new stack that includes Apollo, GraphQL, and React. Teams will also be directly integrated as part of Windows 11.


The Redux Best Practice -- "Do not put non-serializable values in state or actions" -- Explained

Charlotte Isambert explains the three reasons why you should not put non-serializable values in your state or your actions when using Redux.

The Evolution of Redux Testing Approaches

In response to a beginner's question about Redux, Mark Erikson wrote this extended response about the history of testing Redux apps, the two major styles of testing that he's seen, and how those approaches have evolved over time.

Getting started with Typescript with React Hooks

This article is for developers who already know React and JavaScript and want a quick intro to the basics of TypeScript and how to use it alongside React.


How to useContext in React

Robin Wieruch discusses how React Hooks can be used for both state in React (e.g. useState and useReducer) and also for consuming React's Context. Then he walks you through how to use React's useContext Hook.

How to Securely Access Secret API keys using Netlify Functions in a React App

In this tutorial, Joseph Mawa will help you learn how to add a Netlify function to a React app, use Netlify functions to securely access secret API keys, and use the netlify-cli tool to test your Netlify functions.

Learn Next.js and Tailwind CSS By Building

This is the first post in a tutorial series that will help you learn Next.js by building a fully-functioning clone of It covers Next.js concepts like Pages, Server Side Rendering, getServersideProps, Env Variables, and more.

Job Listing

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React Preview

A VSCode extension that allows you to preview your React components with just a click, giving you instant feedback in your IDE without writing any extra code. Previews are updated as you type, and it automatically generates valid props for TypeScript components.

React Cool Virtual

A tiny React hook for rendering large datasets in a highly performant way, using DOM recycling. Created by Welly Shen.


A fun React app that connects your Spotify or Apple Music account to a classic iPod UI -- complete with the click wheel and that addicting Brick Breaker game.

React Native Liftoff

A CLI for starting up React Native apps fast. Created by the team at thoughtbot.


Liquid Swipe - “Can it be done in React Native?”

In this 45-minute video, William Candillon gives a great introduction to masking, gestures, wave animations and more as he walks you through building a liquid swipe with React Native.

I Made a Twitch Chat Controlled Minecraft Stream

In this 10-minute video, Vig walks you through the process of how he used Node.js and React to create an interactive Minecraft livestream in Twitch, which includes dynamic overlays that display info about the stream.

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