React Newsletter #265

ReacType v7.0, Svelte for the experienced React dev, and a complete beginner's guide to Next.js

This week’s issue is sponsored by SyncFusion.

The Syncfusion React UI components library contains over 65 high-performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI components in a single package. You also get a built-in theme studio including material, bootstrap, and fabric design components.

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Svelte for the Experienced React Dev

Adam Rackis wants to get you hooked on Svelte, so he wrote this post as an accelerated Svelte introduction for those with solid experience in React. He provides a quick introduction and then shifts focus to things like state management and DOM interoperability, among other things.

5 Advanced React Patterns

In this article, Alexis Regnaud gives a solid overview of 5 modern advanced React patterns, including integration codes, pros and cons, and concrete usage within public libraries.

7 ways to improve React app performance

Amit Mittal gives seven concrete ways you can improve the performance of your React app, along with a brief explanation of how to do each one (and why they work). This is a brief article that gives you a helpful checklist of options if you're trying to optimize performance.


A Complete Beginner's Guide to Next.js

In this tutorial (and video), Ali Spittel shows you how to get started with Next.js, SSR vs. SSG, and routing by creating an app that lists colors on the home page. Each one links to a color page that displays that color's information.

Job Listing

Seeking Senior React, React Native, or Node Developers | 100% Remote

Looking for highly competent engineers that take pride in their craft, are never satisfied with their knowledge base, and bring enthusiasm to building applications in React, React Native, and/or Node. Ideal candidates are comfortable working in dynamic engineering environments and display strong communication and documentation skills.



Storybook just announced these new testing utilities that allow you to reuse your Storybook stories in your React unit tests. If you want to go deeper, Yann Braga (one of the Storybook maintainers) wrote an article on How to use Testing Library to test Storybook.


A visual landing page builder for Next.js that works locally and has no external dependencies. It also leverages Tailwind CSS & Grapes.js and allows for zero-config deployment to Vercel. Created by Andreas Tzionis, you can check out his short demo to see Destack in action.


renature is a physics-based animation library for React focused on modeling natural world forces like gravity, friction, and fluid dynamics, exposed as a set of React hooks. Created by Formidable Labs.

UI Kitten 5.1

The Akveo team created this 100% free, open source React Native UI library that recently released v5.1. UI Kitten is based on the Eva Design System, which brings consistency and scalability in the design and development process. It contains a set of general purpose UI components that are styled in a similar way.


How to build an admin dashboard with React Admin

In this 30-minute video from Appsmith, you'll learn how to quickly and easily build an admin panel using React Admin.

Building an E-Commerce App with React & GraphQL using Next.js & Saleor API

Saleor is a a GraphQL API for building production grade e-commerce solutions. It is written in Django and provides all the notions to build a shop on for any target, e.g. a website, a mobile app or even a desktop application. In this 20-minute video, Jakub Neander (aka Zaiste) shows you how to quickly build a React app on top of the Saleor GraphQL API. You'll also use Next.js with TypeScript along with Tailwind CSS for styling.

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