React Newsletter #262

A 0.5kb state machine, why you should not use Webpack, and how to build a table of contents in React

This week’s issue is sponsored by react-email-editor.

React Email Editor is a drag-n-drop email template builder component that makes it easy to add a solid email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML.

👉 Check it out on GitHub.


Next.js v10.2 Released

Highlights include:

  • Faster builds (up to ~60% faster with caching)
  • Faster refresh (by 100ms-200ms) & faster startup (by up to 24%)
  • More flexible redirects and rewrites to match any header, cookie, or query string
  • Improved accessibility (route changes are now announced by screen readers)
  • Automatic Webfont optimization

Redux 4.1 Released

This release shrinks the bundle size by about 40%, improves error messages, and optimizes Redux's list of runtime dependencies.


Why React Hooks?

Ever wondered why the React Team felt the need to introduce React Hooks in the first place? Why couldn't we stick with the class-based approach forever? What specific problems do Hooks help us solve? This article and video from Tyler McGinnis gives pretty convincing answers to all of those questions.

Why You Should Not Use Webpack

A lot's changed since since Webpack’s inception in 2014, and the author of this article argues that Webpack is no longer the best tool for most use cases.

Why I Build Design Systems with Stitches and Radix

In this interactive article, Pedro Duarte writes about the benefits of his approach to building design systems with the Stitches and Radix React libraries.

Handling Offline Mode in React Native

In this article, Ahsan Ali walks through a few strategies that serve as a base for designing offline applications in React Native. He also examines some libraries, their complexities, and edge-cases to achieve offline mode.


How to build a table of contents in React

A ToC can be a nice way to let your readers see a high-level summary of your page. In this tutorial, Emma Goto walks you through how to build one with React. This component will dynamically render a list of page headings and highlight which heading you are currently viewing.

Generating Dynamic Preview Images Just Like GitHub

In this tutorial, Patricio Lopez Juri walks you through how to create GitHub-like previews or "cards" using, React, and TailwindCSS. They also include a link to the final repo where you can try out the finished product for yourself.



A 0.5 kb state machine hook for React that features entry/exit callbacks, guarded transitions, and extended state. Created by Cassio Zen.


A tiny react library that can be used to create a frosted glass icon effect


A full-stack web starter kit for React, NestJS, and MySQL with continuous integration and AWS deployment. There's a React Native version too.


A Trigonometric function visualizer made in React. Only problem is that it was created appx. 15 years too late to help me with my high school Trig homework 🙃.


Real-Time Chat with React, .NET 5.0 and SignalR

In this hour-long video, Asiel Alvarez walks you through building a real-time chat app using the SignalR library for WebSockets, React, and .NET 5.0. He also included links to the repos of the CSS file and the finished product, so that you can follow along if you'd like.

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