React Newsletter #260

Styled Components best practices, RTK Query v0.3 beta release, and building React apps with Deno

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RTK Query v0.3 beta release

Mark Erikson and the Redux Tool Kit team are calling this "the final planned pre-release for RTK Query as a standalone library." This release adds new APIs for working with external service classes in endpoints, adds lazy queries, splits the React-specific functionality into a new /react entry point, renames the "entity" concept to "tags", and makes a variety of tweaks and fixes for fetching behavior and TypeScript types.


Styled Components Best Practices

Robin Wieruch wrote this guide to give an overview of the best practices he and his team tried to establish together when working with Styled Components. There's no single set of "best practices", and Robin continues to refine this list from project to project, but it's helpful to learn from his experience.

Rebuilding Our Jekyll Website with Next.js and Theme UI

In this article, Brandon Weiss writes about his team's process for redesigning and rebuilding the Ghost Inspector promotional site. He explains why they did it, and shares the choices they made along the way -- like deciding between Gatsby and Next.js for static site generation, using React (JSX and MDX) as a templating language and for writing docs, colocating styles with CSS in JS, and more.

The React Router Cheatsheet

In this post, Reed Barger goes over 11 essential features to know if you're using React Router in your projects today (specifically for the web) using the package react-router-dom.


Building React Applications using Deno: The Definitive Guide

A step-by-step guide to using Aleph.js, the React framework in Deno that's patterned after Next.js.

How to Deploy Dynamic Cloud Functions in React and React Native with Easybase

In this tutorial, Michael Bagley shows you how to create cloud functions -- stateless, single-purpose code snippets that can be invoked programmatically or through other event-driven processes -- and explains how React apps can benefit from them.


React Flow

Highly customizable library for building interactive node-based UIs, editors, flow charts and diagrams. Created by the team at webkid.

Why Did You Render

why-did-you-render patches React to notify you about potentially avoidable re-renders. It was created by Vitali Zaidman and works for React Native too.

Lazy I18n

A collection of React components and hooks created by Charles Stover that supports internationalization for multiple languages by asynchronously loading key-value pair translation files.


Mocking APIs During Development in React

In this 25-minute video, Leigh Halliday shows you how to use MSWs (Mock Service Workers) to mock HTTP requests both on the browser and on the server during SSR (Server Side Rendering) in Next.js.

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