React Newsletter #259

React-pdf v2.0, how to actually test UIs, and a guide to full stack Ethereum development

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React-pdf v2.0 released

React-pdf is a React renderer for creating PDF files on the browser and server, created by Diego Muracciole. V2.0 has been in the works for a while, and it includes new SVG support, a new Hooks API, and support for a bunch of new CSS properties.


How to actually test UIs

For this article, Varun Vachhar of the Storybook team researched 10 teams from the Storybook community about their testing strategy, methods, and tools. The article highlights the UI testing techniques used by scaled engineering teams at those large companies (including Twilio, Adobe, Peloton, Shopify, and more) to help you can create a pragmatic testing strategy that balances coverage, setup, and maintenance.

How to Read React Errors

Dave Ceddia walks through how to fix one specific error in a React component and shows you how to approach fixing React errors in general. He goes over how to read a stack trace, how to interpret the text of the error, and ultimately how to fix it.

Getting Started in React -- A Twitter thread of helpful React articles

A good thread with a snarky first tweet (which we always appreciate) from Heather Buchel that includes five solid articles on different React concepts that are particularly helpful for beginners.

Compound Component – advanced React pattern UI libraries love

In this article, Iskander Samatov examines Compound Components, the popular React pattern for writing complex components that's now been adopted by most of the popular React UI libraries. Iskander discusses the older way of building compound components and the newer version that uses hooks and Context API.


The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum Development

In this in-depth tutorial, Nader Dabit demonstrates how to build full stack dApps with React, Ethers.js, Solidity, and Hardhat. Then he walks you through building, deploying, and connecting to a couple of basic smart contracts. Can't wait to invest in Nader-Coin someday! 💰

How to Design an iMessage-like Chat Bubble in React Native

Prajwal Kulkarni walks you through how to design your own iMessage chat bubbles with JSX, React Native, and HTML & CSS.


XState Catalogue

XState Catalogue is a collection of professionally designed state machines you can drop into your projects. Created by Matt Pocock.


A new solution for building, maintaining, and managing dynamic templates using React and tools you know and love.

Cheat-sheet maker

A React app that lets you create and share cheat sheets with markdown, browse cheat sheets made by others, and authenticate users. See it in action.


Vue explained to React Developers in 6 mins

Interested in Vue but not quite ready for a full deep dive? Justin Brooks has you covered with this simple intro to Vue from the perspective of a React developer.

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