React Newsletter #258

New Recoil release, learning to appreciate React Server Components, and a definitive guide to profiling React applications

This week’s issue is sponsored by react-email-editor.

React Email Editor is a drag-n-drop email template builder component that makes it easy to add a solid email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML.

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Recoil releases v0.2.0

Recoil is the experimental state management library initially created for internal use at Facebook. This latest release features a new, more reliable implementation of async selectors, greatly improved performance, and lots of bug fixes and improvements.

React Hook Form releases v7.0

React-Hook-Form is known for its performant, flexible and extensible forms with easy-to-use validation. This v7.0 update comes with strictly typed forms, smaller package size, greater performance, a new useFormState custom hook, and more!


Learning to Appreciate React Server Components

Ryan Carniato writes about his personal journey to understanding and appreciating React Server Components. He writes about some of his intial struggles with understanding the purpose and potential power of RSC's and how he eventually came to look forward to their official release.

Tips for typing React components with TypeScript

In this article, Maciek Wątroba demonstrates a few techniques that can make your day-to-day work with TypeScript and React a little easier.

The definitive guide to profiling React applications

This article goes over how to use the Profiler API to measure and improve the performance of your React app.


Build fast and production ready apps with React and AWS Amplify

Yash Garudkar gives a helpful, beginner-friendly walk-through to building a to-do app with React and AWS Amplify. It's a helpful intro to Amplify if you haven't used it before.


React Native Numpad

A number pad component for React Native that's optimized for updating multiple number inputs.

Typed React Form

A fast, completely type-checked React form state manager, created by Stijn Rogiest. Supports nested objects/arrays.


Introducing React Labs

A new video series from the React Team that features deep dives on various React subjects. This first video is an hour-long Q&A on React Server Components.

React Video Chat App Tutorial

This 1.5 hour video from the JavaScript Mastery channel walks you through how to build and deploy a basic Zoom clone using React and WebRTC.

React TypeScript Conditional Props

Conditional props are props that depend on other props values/types. In this 26-minute video, Bruno Antunes teaches everything you need to know about conditional props in React and TypeScript.

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