React Newsletter #255

Why you should only use custom hooks, mutating redux state, and building a react router clone from scratch

This week’s issue is sponsored by Codesmith.

Tomorrow they're putting on a special workshop with Google software engineer and Codesmith Alum Brett Beekley which will cover high-level principles for designing reliable large scale distributed systems.

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Relay Hooks

Relay v11.0 was released with new Relay Hooks -- a set of new, rethought APIs for fetching and managing GraphQL data using React Hooks.


useEncapsulation -- or Why Your React Components Should Only Use Custom Hooks

Most of you will hate this premise at first, but maybe Kyle Shevlin will have you convinced by the end of this article.

What would happen if you mutated your React Redux state?

We're well aware of Redux's need for immutability. Most of us have an immutability tool to manage our state easily. It's even the first Redux best practice: Do Not Mutate State.

But have you ever wondered what would actually happen if did you mutate your state? Charlotte Isambert helps us find out.


Build a react-router clone from scratch

In this tutorial, Thomas Cullen walks you through how to build a simplified version of react-router from scratch that is based on the newer v6 API's.

How to Build React Applications with Deno Using the AlephJS Library

Aleph is a Zero-Config, Typescript-driven React framework, (just like NextJS) for Deno. It's very much still in alpha, but Akash Joshi demonstrates how you can use it to build React apps with Deno.

Job Listing

Seeking Senior React, React Native, or Node Developers | 100% Remote

Looking for highly competent engineers that take pride in their craft, are never satisfied with their knowledge base, and bring enthusiasm to building applications in React, React Native, and/or Node. Ideal candidates are comfortable working in dynamic engineering environments and display strong communication and documentation skills.


Building a Modern React App from Scratch in 2021

This repo provides a step-by-step tutorial to setting up a modern React app in 2021 with no boilerplate.

Clone Wars - Open source clones of popular sites

A list of 70+ open-source clones of popular sites like Airbnb, Amazon, Tiktok, Spotify, Whatsapp, and more. The vast majority of them are written in React, and all of the clones listed contain the source code, demo links, tech stack, and GitHub stars count.

React DnD v14.0

React DnD is a set of React utilities to help you build complex drag and drop interfaces while keeping your components decoupled. This latest v14.0 release addresses a handful of nagging liveness and ergonomic issues with the hooks API.


Django & React Full Stack Course

This 7.5 hour video is divided into three parts: building a backend API using Django REST Framework, covering the main concepts in React authentication with React hooks, and integrating the backend with the React frontend.

Docker + React tutorial: Development to production workflow + multi-stage builds

In this 1.5 hour video, Sanjeev walks you through how to set up a React app in a Docker container. He goes over some of the challenges that you may face, and covers how to set up both a development and a production environment to host react apps in Docker containers.

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