React Newsletter #251

React's big milestone, doubling your React coding speed, and 6 best practices for 2021


React hits 10 million npm installs per week

A big milestone that makes me think this might not just be a programming fad after all.

Material-UI v5.0.0-alpha.25 Released

We're getting closer to the full release of Material UI v5.0. This alpha release includes improvements to date pickers, the migration of 32 new components to emotion, a new darkScrollbar() CSS utility, and more.


Double Your React Coding Speed With This Simple Trick

The title of this article definitely has some major Buzzfeed clickbait vibes, but Aleksey Kozin does a great job of giving you an in-depth look at how refactoring your code into reusable building blocks can make your life a lot easier as a React developer.

6 React Best Practices For 2021

In this article, Michiel Mulders shares 6 tips for writing clean, readable React code that's easier to test and work with in general.

React Native Performance: Do and Don't

React Native is fast by default. But this article from Aman Mittal helps point out a few do's and don'ts that will help you make your React Native apps even faster.


How to Fetch Data in React: Cheat Sheet + Examples

Reed Barger reviews five of the most commonly used patterns to fetch data with React by making an HTTP request to a REST API. He covers both how to fetch data and how to best handle loading and error state upon fetching data.



A JSX-powered static site generator for Node.js that promises to be "the most lightweight, yet fully featured static-site generator you'll see." Shema Angelo created Explosiv and also wrote an article that explains how it works.


First Look: Raspberry Pi 400

In this video, Alex Anderson takes a look at the "small, but surprisingly powerful" Raspberry Pi 400 and shows you how you can set up a React and Next.js environment on it.

What State Management Library Should I Use with React?

In this 10-minute video, Lee Robinson explains the past, present, and future of state management to help you make the correct decision for your team, project, or organization.

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