React Newsletter #25

Writing cross-platform apps with React Native, NFL + React, and Upgrading from React 0.11.2 to 0.14.7 in 374 easy steps

Hi Friends!

I'm excited to announce that these last few months I've been working on something you might find valuable. React.js Program is a project based, linear approach to learning the React.js ecosystem. If you're interested in learning any part of the React ecosystem (Redux, React Native, Universal, etc), check it out.


Writing Cross-Platform Apps with React Native

If you went to (or watched) React Conf, you know how many times React Native was brought up. That's because it's fundamentally changing the mobile development landscape. In this article, Bonnie gives a great introduction to React Native including what it is and how to get started.

NFL + React

The National Football League adopted React in December of 2014. For the past year they have iterated and built on React’s core concepts, various Flux implementations, JSX, Babel, experimental proposals, and functional approaches. You name it and they've probably evaluated it and possibly use it in production. Read on for a review of the NFL’s year in React.

Upgrading from React 0.11.2 to 0.14.7 in 374 easy steps

Front end technology is moving at an alarming rate. It's not uncommon to start using a library, and have it updating with a breaking change 3-4 months later. If you're coming from a different tech stack that doesn't involve JavaScript, this might be a little bit off putting. Manuel Bernhardt describes his experience upgrading his React versions.

Eradicate Runtime Errors in React with Flow

If JavaScript is your first programming language type checking might be a somewhat foreign concept. Getting runtime errors in your code on the other hand...

David Zukowski leads us through his team's dive into type checking with Facebook's Flow with their React codebase.

Elm Native UI: Writing a React Native app in Elm

It seems to be human nature that when a tool is created in one technology, we want to make it work in other realms. Ossi gives us a look at his Elm Native UI project which builds off of React Native.

React Devtools-Renderer Integration

The React Devtools are generic enough to allow for any renderer to integrate with it. Dustan Kasten describes his process for getting React Hardware connecting to the Devtools.

Ode to Accidental Complexity

Dan Abramov talks about his dive into open source projects, and the things he's learned.


Step by Step Guide To Building React Redux Apps

Redux is becoming the de facto way to build React apps. And there are tons of examples that show how it’s done. But React-Redux apps have too many parts like: “Reducers”, “Actions”, “Action Creators”, “State”, “Middleware” and more). It could be overwhelming! Raja Rao DV walks us through a step by step guild to building React / Redux apps.


React + Redux + Routing Stack for just 28kb

Just because your stack is awesome, doesn't mean it has to be fat. This repo serves as a minimally viable example of how to combine the great ideas of React + Redux without compromising on your build size.

React Compose: Simpler Stateless Components

React components often become bloated with repeated logic. With React Compose you can encapsulate logic into reusable functions. Styling components is often a mess, using the same compose pattern you can split the styling behavior into encapsulated pieces. It is also more straight forward to test the encapsulated behavior rather than the component as a whole.

Enclave: An easier way to compile React applications.

If you've attempted to get into React, but haven't been able to grok all of the tech around it like Babel and Webpack, you aren't alone.

Taking inspiration from compile-to-JS languages like Elm and CoffeeScript Ean started the Enclave project to give developers a better experience getting up and running with React.

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