React Newsletter #249

Building futuristic UIs, migrating from Gatsby to Next.js, and creating a simple-yet-complicated dark mode animation


Building Futuristic UIs

In this article, Brian writes about building futuristic UIs (like the ones you see in Sci-Fi movies) for the web today with multiple React libraries. He also created a live demo, if you're feeling ready to fully enter the Matrix.

A Walkthrough of migrating from Gatsby to Next.js

Max Rozen writes about migrating his personal site and blog from Gatsby to Next.js, the reasons for the switch, and the obstacles he encountered along the way.

Docusaurus 2020 Recap

In this article, Sébastien Lorber discusses the highs and lows of Docusaurus in 2020


Creating a Simple Yet Complicated Dark Mode Animation

In this in-depth tutorial, Celik walks you through each step of creating a unique dark mode toggle animation with some personality.

Building a Crud application using Preact

This tutorial introduces Preact and outlines the ways it compares & contrasts to React. It demonstrates how to build a Crud app using Preact and discusses why you might want to choose it for your next project.

Use Javascript's Fetch API with async/await to fetch your Instagram feed in React

Lars Behrenberg walks through how to implement a live Instagram feed into your blog/site using React. The tutorial features a live demo and lots of code snippets so you can easily follow along.



Simplified server-side Stripe workflows in Next.js.

An open source game engine for turn-based games. You can write simple functions that describe how the game state changes when a particular move is made. This is automatically converted into a playable game complete with online multiplayer features, all without requiring you to write a single line of networking or storage code.

MobX React Form v3.0

Streamline form development by tightly integrating the necessary state management provided by the MobX you already know and love. Illustrated with a robust set of demos.

Sorting Visualizer

A slick sorting algorithms visualizer built with React.


Mastering Typescript for React Components

In this 30-minute video, Jack Herrington dives deep into how to type your React components in Typescript.

Advanced MERN Pagination from Scratch

In this 90-minute video, you'll learn to build a fully functioning and dynamic app that implements some advanced pagination with React, Express, and MongoDB.

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