React Newsletter #248

Tao of React, the Styled-Components happy path, and how to write better React components


AWS is creating a 'new open source design system' with React

AWS recently released AWS UI (although no documentation yet), which it describes as "the first step in a larger process of creating a new open source design system."


Tao of React - Software Design, Architecture & Best Practices

You know how 50% of blog posts could have just been tweets? Well, this article by Alex Kondov is so in-depth that it probably should've been a book. This article is a collection of principles and best practices about components, application structure, testing, styling, state management and data fetching.

The styled-components happy path

Josh Comeau is killing it with the blog posts lately. In this article, he breaks down his personal suite of best practices when using styled-components and explains how it helps him keep his codebase clean and modular.

I Almost Got Fired for Choosing React in Our Enterprise App

Razvan writes about issues he and his team encountered when trying to use React. (TL;DR -- don't outsource your React enterprise app to .NET developers, lol.)



React Email Editor is a drag-n-drop email template builder component that makes it easy to add a solid email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML.


How to Write Better React Components

In this tutorial, Yogesh walks through various ways we can write shorter, simpler and easier to understand React code.


A type racing application for programmers that will definitely give you major Mavis Beacon vibes. See how you stack up to others on the leaderboard.


A composable CSS animation toolkit that's powered by CSS variables and built for Vue, React, SCSS, and CSS.


A Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging starter template.


10 React Hooks Explained

This 13-minute Fireship video walks through 10 React Hooks and shows you how to build your own custom hook.

Let's build Tesla with React

In ths 4-hour video, Ali builds a Tesla (software) clone with React, React Router, Redux, Material UI, and Firebase.

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