React Newsletter #245

The top links of 2020

As this is the last issue of 2020, we decided to go through the archives and give you the top links of the year. Enjoy!

Guidelines to improve your React folder structure

Max Rozen was tired of hearing people say, "move files around until it feels right." So he wrote this article outlining the folder structure he tends to use and the guiding principles behind each decision.

React Component Patterns

Alexi Taylor wrote this in-depth article to help you identify the trade-offs of the different React patterns and to understand when each pattern would be most appropriate. The patterns he illustrates will allow for more useful and reusable code by adhering to design principles like separation of concern, DRY, and code reuse. Some of these patterns will help with problems that arise in large React applications such as prop drilling or managing state. Each major pattern includes an example hosted on CodeSandBox.

Build A Confirmation Modal in React with State Machines

In this article, Dave Ceddia builds a reusable state machine using React and Robot to handle this modal confirmation flow, and wraps it up into a custom hook.

Four characters can optimize your React component

In this article, Ben Ilegbodu writes about how you can make use of useState lazy initialization to speed up your React function component.

Client-Side Architecture Basics [Guide]

The tools we use to build client-side web apps have changed a lot over the years, but the principles behind them have remained mostly the same. In this comprehensive guide, Khalil Stemmler goes back to basics and discusses a better way to think about frontend architecture using modern tools like React, xState, and Apollo Client.

Guide to React Context

In this post/video you'll learn everything you'd ever want to know about React Context including the useContext Hook.

React + TypeScript ❤️: The good parts ⚡

In this article, Diego writes about both the pros and cons of building with React and TypeScript and shares why he ultimately loves it.

Rewriting Facebook's "Recoil" React library from scratch in 100 lines

Recoil is a slick new React library written by some people at Facebook that works on a tool called “Comparison View." It came about because of ergonomics and performance issues with context and useState. In this article, Bennett Hardwick writes about implementing something similar in 100 lines of code.

React is slow, what now?

In this article, Fran Leplant writes about how you can optimize your React performance by improving which components render and what they are rendering. By the end of this post, you should feel pretty confident in your ability to identify and improve some of the most common performance problems in React.

3 React Mistakes Junior Developers Make With Component State

Tyler Hawkins writes about three common mistakes he often sees during code reviews that junior developers make when dealing with React component state. He takes a closer look at each mistake and explains how to fix it.

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