React Newsletter #243

React Query v3, Webpack's Roadmap, and a Next.js guide


React Query v3 Released

This major release includes better SSR, bi-directional infinite queries, selectors, and much more.

Electron React Boilerplate v2 Released

This update includes changes like dropping Redux, migrating to Electron 11 and Webpack 5, and more.


Webpack's 2021 Roadmap

After releasing Webpack 5 a couple months ago, Tobias Koppers (the founder of Webpack) wrote about Webpack's plans for 2021.

Changing Lanes: How Lyft is Migrating 100+ Frontend Microservices to Next.js

In this article, Andrew Hao writes about his team's efforts to migrate from 100+ frontend services services to Next.js in order to scale Lyft's codebase over the last year.

Using CRUD operations with React SWR for mutating REST API cache

In this article, John Grisham (the developer, not the author of 25 best-selling legal dramas) shows you how to fetch and manipulate data from a REST API with Vercel’s SWR library.

Next.js Guide - How to learn and master this React framework

A guide that discusses one approach for learning Next.js as a complete beginner and what is required to do so.


Creating a Chrome Extension with React and TypeScript

Another entry from, this tutorial will walk you through how to build an extension that's utilizing these three types of components. The popup will be created with React and TypeScript and the content and background script will be created with TypeScript.

A Quick Look at the React Speech Recognition Hook

React Speech Recognition is a React hook that accesses the Web Speech API to convert speech from the machine’s microphone to the app’s React components. In this tutorial, you'll learn to make a simple voice memo app with basic voice commands that run in the browser.

Build a blazing fast blog using Notion & Next.js

This tutorial walks through building a blog that uses Notion as the CMS and a renderer (created by the authors) called react-notion.



Hooks to build things like tooltips, dropdown menus, and popovers in React.


A React app that bills itself as "the handwritten version of Twitter."


How To Add Dark Mode To Your React App Using Hooks

This 11-minute video demonstrates one way to easily add dark mode to a React app.

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