React Newsletter #241

Having fun with React's renderer, discovering MSW, and a new Next.js starter template


Animated Transitions with React Router v5

In this post/video you'll learn to how to add animated transitions to an app using React Router v5 and React Transition Group. 🎄

Today is the first day of December (how??), so the folks over at Bekk are back with their React Christmas advent calendar that features new React content every day of the month until Christmas. 🎁

If Christmas isn't your thing, check out It covers 25 essential language skills for professional React developers.

Having Fun With React’s Renderer

In this post, Giovanni run a few experiments to see how React’s renderer works to help you gain an understanding of some of its guaranteed behaviors.

Discovering MSW

This post isn't a full tutorial on how to use Mock Service Workers (MSW). Rather, it’s a collection of short summaries of what worked well (and what didn’t) for the author as he looked for the best approach to mocking HTTP requests in a JS test suite.


Next.js Starter Template With Authentication + React 17 + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS 2 + ESLint

In this tutorial, Bhanu shows you how to use the starter template that he made and deploy it with Vercel. He also demonstrates how to connect a Postgres database created on Heroku.


Phrase – the leanest way to translate your React app

Use the power of a scalable translation management platform to automate your entire React app localization workflow. Phrase will free you from spreadsheets and lengthy email trails so that you stay focused on your code. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today!



Nextra is a Next.js and Markdown (MDX) based site generator. 0 line of code needed.


A visual playground to JavaScript array & object transformations.


A hooks-first, global state management solution for React that lets components drill down and subscribe to only the parts of the state that they need.


A starter template for building a project using React, Typescript, Next.js, Jest, ChakraUI and ESLint.


"It's like OnlyFans, but for (work-appropriate) pictures of desk setups." Created with Next.js, Chakra UI, SWR, and the Reddit API.


Cloning Twitter Fleets (Stories) with React Native and AWS Amplify

This 4-hour livestream will help you get a better understanding of React Native, AWS Amplify, TypeScript and JavaScript.

Beginner React Coding Interview with Ben Awad & Clément Mihailescu

In this 35-minute video, Ben Awad puts Clément Mihailescu (founder and CEO of AlgoExpert) through a beginner-level React interview to test the skills of the self-proclaimed "washed-up fronted developer."

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