React Newsletter #24

2016: The Year React Native Eats Mobile Development, React for beginners, and Webpack 2 tree shaking configuration

What a week! React Conf was a blast. If you didn't get a chance to be there, I highly recommend all of the talks and most of them can be found HERE.


2016: The Year React Native Eats Mobile Development

If after watching all the React Conf (which some coined React Native Conf) videos you're still not convinced React Native is a big deal, maybe this talk will help. In this article Clay walks through why he thinks React Native is going to change the mobile dev landscape by talking about the differentiators of React Native.

Building User Interfaces with Pure Functions and Function Composition in React.js

The idea of breaking up your UI into components has changed the way we build applications. In this post, Tyler walks through the similarity between functions which return a value and functions which return some UI. He'll also cover the importance of pure functions and how becoming more focused on functional programming can help you build better user interfaces.


Webpack 2 Tree Shaking Configuration

Tree Shaking, a modern dead code elimination algorithm for ECMAScript 2015+ is one of the most anticipated features in the upcoming Webpack 2. By eliminating unused ES6 exports, Webpack can further help the minification process to get your bundle much smaller than ever before. In this post, Grgur will show how his new Webpack 2 configuration helped cut 28% out of his already optimized Webpack 1 project.


How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

Want to contribute to React or another library in the React ecosystem but don't know how? Getting started with contributing open source is not always straightforward and can be tricky. With this series, you’ll be equipped with the the tools, knowledge, and understanding you need to be productive and contribute to the wonderful world of open source projects. Send Kent a tweet thanking him for the awesome free resource!]

React Flip Move - Effortless animation between DOM changes

Animations are the best! This module was built to tackle the common but arduous problem of animating a list of items when the list's order changes. DOM nodes can't actually reorder themselves; brand new nodes are created instead. Because of this, simple CSS transitions don't work. Flip Move uses the FLIP technique to work out what such a transition would look like, and fakes it using 60+ FPS hardware-accelerated CSS transforms.


React.js Conf 2016 - A Cartoon Guide to the Wilds of Data Handling

If you've been receiving our newsletter you know that we're huge fans of Lin's Code Cartoons. She was recently chosen to speak at React Conf and spoke about "A Cartoon Guide to the Wilds of Data Handling" - this link is her talk.

React.js Conf 2016 - What Lies Ahead

Curious about what the future holds in terms of React and React Native? Great news is that's exactly what James spoke about at React Conf. He takes a very transparent approach to what he sees happening in the React ecosystem and stresses the importance of community in making those things come to fruition.

React.js Conf 2016 - Rich Text Editing with React

If you've ever used ContentEditable, you know how much of a nightmare it is. This talk will dive into the details of Isaac used React, ImmutableJS, and yes, contentEditable, to create an editor framework that enables engineers to build and customize rich text composition experiences across Facebook - draftjs.

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