React Newsletter #239

Refactoring a useReducer to XState, Moving OkCupid from REST to GraphQL, and 10 React security best practices


Refactoring a useReducer to XState, pt1

This is part 1 of a series of articles where Swizec Teller writes (and demonstrates with videos and code snippets) about giving XState a try for the first time.

Things I Don’t Like about Vue.js (as a React engineer)

A follow up to his last post about what he likes more about Vue compared to React, this time Harry highlights React's advantages.

Moving OkCupid from REST to GraphQL

Michael writes about this year-long journey to make his team's GraphQL API the official API at OkCupid. He talks about exactly what they built, the strategy they came up with to test the new code they were shipping, and a few things that could have gone better on the technology side. This article is more about the process than the code itself.


Programmatically navigate with React Router v5

In this post/video you'll learn how to programmatically navigate with React Router v5 using Redirect and history.push from the useHistory Hook.

How I built my Portfolio and Blog using and NextJS

In this tutorial, Dinesh walks through how he built his blog and portfolio, the ground rules he set for himself in doing so, what he learned from the exercise, and how you might use some of his experiences to start or improve your own personal site.

10 React Security Best Practices

Ron created this checklist of React security best practices to help you and your team find and fix security issues in your React applications. He also demonstrates how to automatically test your React code for security-related errors and automatically fix them.


React Grid/Table component

ReactDataGrid is an Excel-like, blazing fast pure React component licensed under MIT. It comes with built-in support for data binding, sorting, paging, inline edit, movable/resizable columns, context menu, stacked columns, row and cell selection, RTL and much more...



A free, flexible family of 3,500+ icons.


Rockpack is a simple solution for creating React Application with Server Side Rendering, bundling, linting, testing, logging, and localizing within 5 minutes.

React Frontload

A library to load and manage data inline in React components that works on both client and server. They just released v2.


A typewriter effect library for React, with hook and component APIs.

Babylon 4.2

A powerful 3D rendering engine that integrates with React Native to create "beautiful, cross-platform 3D experiences"

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