React Newsletter #238

Aleph.js 1.0, Guidelines for choosing React libraries, and Code Splitting with React, React.lazy, and React Router v5


Aleph.js releases v1.0

Aleph.js is a bleeding-edge React framework that's basically Next.js for Deno. If you like Next.js and you like Deno, well, you'll probably like Aleph.


Server Rendering with React and React Router v5

Server-side rendering AKA Isomorphic JavaScript AKA Universal JavaScript is the ~~pipe dream~~ idea of running your same JavaScript code on both the server and the client. Why is that beneficial? Read this post to find out.

Guidelines for choosing React Libraries

In this article, Max Rozen walks through his process for determining which React libraries to use for a given project.

Thoughts on device based code split in React

This article is a mix of arguments, reality checks and a code solution at the end. Its focus: device (touch/desktop) driven code split in React with no backend.


New Redux Fundamentals Tutorial

This is a complete rewrite of the previous Redux fundamentals tutorial and features better explanations, more current terminology, simpler patterns, and more modern practices.

How to manage state in React apps with useReducer and useContext hooks

In this tutorial, Aman Mittal walks through how to manage global state in a React app using a combination of the useReducer hook and the Context API.

The last guide to the useEffect Hook you’ll ever need

This in-depth tutorial from LogRocket provides a guide that both newbies and experienced React developers should find valuable and informative. It features lots of helpful code examples and snippets.


React Grid/Table component

ReactDataGrid is an Excel-like, blazing fast pure React component licensed under MIT. It comes with built-in support for data binding, sorting, paging, inline edit, movable/resizable columns, context menu, stacked columns, row and cell selection, RTL and much more...



A minimal UI framework for React built with TypeScript and styled-components.

IP Locate

A simple tool for looking up IP address geo info and plot it on a map.

Twitter FOMO

A place to see the most liked webdev tweets all in one place. Built with Next.js, ChakraUI, and react-spring.

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