React Newsletter #233

MobX 6, react-three-fiber 5, and how Dropbox rewrote HelloSign in React


MobX 6.0 released

In this article, Michel Weststrate (the Mob-Father himself) talks about what's new in MobX 6, a major release that isn't packed with new features, but is more of a "consolidation on the current state of affairs in JavaScript" for MobX.

react-three-fiber v5.0.0 released

Features a rewrite of the reconciler, optimization of hot paths, color management by default, and more.


Four characters can optimize your React component

In this article, Ben goes over how you can more performantly use the useState Hook if calculating the initial state is expensive.

JQuery to React: How we rewrote the HelloSign Editor at Dropbox

In this in-depth article, Asa Ayers (from the Dropbox team) writes about the process of rewriting HelloSign in React from JQuery.

21 React Projects to Learn From (Beginner-Intermediate Level)

This list of 21 React Projects to learn from could be a helpful guide for anyone interested in getting more reps with React, particularly beginners. The projects start simple, but gradually step up in complexity.

The Red Flags on Your Resume

This article is an expanded version of the most upvoted comment ever on the React subreddit. In it, Filip writes about the most common red flags on developers' resumes and the reasons he sees them as red flags. He also discusses a few "metrics" you should aspire to when writing your resume.


How to Use SVG Icons in React with React Icons and Font Awesome

This tutorial walks through how to use the react-icons package, which allows you to easily import icons from popular icon sets like Font Awesome right into your app. You'll also learn how you can manually add SVG files right into a React app by copying the code of an SVG file into a new component.



ByteDance (TikTok's parent company) recently open-sourced this library of 1,200 high-quality icons and an interface for customizing them.


This modern timeline component in React allows you to render timelines in three different methods (horizontal, vertical, and tree).


Add spreadsheet-like behavior to your React app.


New JSX Transform in React 17

Remember how React 17 was released with no new features? Well in this video, Jesse from codeSTACKr argues that the new JSX Transform in React 17 is in fact a pretty big deal.

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