React Newsletter #22

Handling props and class names in React, encapsulation in Redux, and Reactive programming with React


Encapsulation in Redux: The Right Way to Write Reusable Components

Global application state is arguably the biggest benefit of Redux. On the other hand, it is a bit of a mind-bender because we were always told that global stuff is evil. Not necessarily: there is nothing wrong with keeping the entire application state snapshot in one place, as long as you don't break encapsulation. In this article, learn how to write better Redux code by respecting your apps encapsulation.


Reactive Programming with React - Example

Reactive Functional Programming (RFP) has accumulated a lot of inertia and it's application is embodied in the React Extensions libraries, like RxJS. Marcin has blended RxJS and React together to give us an awesome example of how we can be "reactive" while using React!

Elm React Component

A React component which wraps an Elm module to be used in a React application! Matthias Benkort's project is an interesting way to tie two very different technologies together.

Redux Devtools Chrome Extension

If you've had the chance to develop using the redux dev tools, then you know how much of a difference they make. If you haven't, and you are using redux, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to be amazed. Mihail Diordiev has created a way to more easily implement the redux dev tools with this chrome extension.


Dead simple + opinionated toolkit for building real applications. Shasta looks to be an opinionated take on modern React/Redux web application architecture. Docs aren't here yet, but they are reportedly inbound.

React Browserify Babel Seed

Currently, if you want to build a React application, you'll probably end up using Webpack. While Webpack is the best tool out there for most use cases, it's easy to forget that there are alternatives. Iskren Slavov's seed project is a great example build React applications without Webpack.

React Redux with Dan Abramov

Redux is currently the darling of the React world because it allows you to elegantly manage state in your applications. Ever wonder what Redux looks like under the hood though? Well, now you can find out. In this video Dan Abramov, creator of Redux, walks through the source code of Redux.

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