React Newsletter #212

reason-react v0.8.0, a new tech stack for, and how to CSS Style in React


reason-react v0.8.0

If ReasonML is your thing, v0.8.0 of reason-react is a huge release that includes several breaking changes, maintenance fixes and documentation updates.


Rebuilding our tech stack for a new

"A complete rewrite is extremely rare, but in this case we knew it was the only way we’d be able to achieve our goals." This fascinating article from Facebook Engineering shares the lessons they learned while rearchitecting using React and Relay, and explores what the future of will look like.

How to CSS Style in React

There are many ways to style a modern React app with CSS. In this article, Robin Wieruch uses helpful code snippets and detailed explanations to demonstrate the following approaches:

  • CSS-in-CSS (e.g. CSS, Sass, CSS Modules, or CSS Modules with Sass)
  • CSS-in-JS (e.g. Styled Components, Emotion)
  • Utility-First-CSS (e.g. Tailwind CSS)


Making a Podcast App with React Native

In this tutorial, Christopher walks through creating a Podcast app with React Native that has the following features.

  • Searching for podcasts
  • Fetching podcast data, including artwork
  • Rendering podcast artwork, and making it possible to subscribe to a podcast
  • Listing tracks in the podcast, and allowing the listener to play a track
  • Controlling playback, through actions like “pause”, “resume”, and “stop”

Using Expo in Gatsby

Sébastien shows us that it's possible to use ReactNative and Expo APIs in a Gatsby site. His MDX blog post embed runnable ReactNative code demos.


React developers are in demand on Vettery

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that's changing the way people hire and get hired. Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today. Get started today.


Kite launches AI-powered JavaScript completions

Kite’s AI-powered autocomplete tool was already popular with Python developers, and they just launched for JavaScript and all major frameworks and libraries (including React).

⚛️ react-virtual: hooks for virtualizing scrollable elements in React

A React hook for virtual scrolling of rows, columns and grids in fixed, variable, and dynamic measurement modes. Built by Tanner Linsley, its most distinguishing feature is that it's just one single custom hook instead of a set of components (aka "headless").

React Native for Windows + Mac

React Native for Windows + Mac brings React Native support for the Windows 10 SDK as well as the MacOS 10.12 SDK. With this, you can use Javascript to build native Windows apps for all devices supported by Windows 10 including PCs, tablets, 2-in-1s, Xbox, Mixed reality devices, etc., as well as the MacOS desktop and laptop ecosystems.

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