React Newsletter #205

Prettier 2.0, animated hamburger icons, and compound components


Prettier 2.0 "2020"

Prettier 2.0 is out to prove that not everything about 2020 has to be awful. Here are the highlights of this update:

  • Improved method chain breaking heuristic
  • Ultimate fix for for Closure-style type casts
  • Support for the new syntax added in TypeScript 3.8
  • Improved CLI


100 Developer Jobs | Companies still hiring amid COVID-19 crisis

We know that many developers have been laid off, had their hours cut back, or been forced to look for new opportunities because of COVID-19. To help those who find themselves looking for new roles, Nader Dabit compiled a list of 100+ companies currently hiring developers (who responded directly to his tweet). If you're looking for a new opportunity, this could be a great resource.


React developers are in demand on Vettery

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that's changing the way people hire and get hired. Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today. Get started today.


gqless | A GraphQL client without queries

✅ Queries auto-generated at runtime
✅ 100% GraphQL spec supported
✅ TypeScript safe - without running code-generation on each change ✅ Inbuilt cache - can be used without apollo-client
✅ Extensions - add custom properties and functions to types
✅ React integration - uses suspense out of the box, selectively updating components when data changes

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed. Built with React, this could be a great alternative to Zoom or whatever other video-conferencing tool your team is using as we all try to figure out how to work remotely.

Reactive Resume

This is a free, open-source resume builder built in React. It features a minimalist, clean design with a focus on user data privacy and easy updates.


Next.js Static Site Generation (SSG) Tutorial

Learn how to use static site generation in Next.js in this tutorial where I show you how you can setup.

Compound components in React

In this 24-minute video, Karl Hadwen demonstrates how to build a reusable UI by adopting compound components in React. It's a useful introduction to how using compound components can help reduce architectural complexity.

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