React Newsletter #198

5 solid portfolio projects, building a piano with Hooks, and Proton Native v2


5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio

In this post, Reed Barger walks through 5 different types of apps that you should be looking to build after the basic to-do app if your still fairly new to React. Each type of app includes popular examples for inspiration, recommended tools to build each app feature, and a short demo of similar apps built by Reed.

Best React open-source projects

This article by Eugene Stepnov is a great resource for any developer interested in contributing to high-quality open-source React projects. He briefly discusses how to identify good open-source projects and then provides a fairly exhaustive list of open-source React projects he recommends.


Building a Piano with React Hooks 🎹

This tutorial specifically covers how to map the laptop keys to piano notes, how to map the audio with key press, and how to render the piano keyboard in react.


Learn the Concepts of AI in a Free Five-Day Mini-Course

Interested in AI but not sure where to start? This free, five-day mini-course is a great introduction to AI and Machine Learning. By the end of the course, you'll understand important AI buzzwords, common types and uses of AI and Machine Learning, and practical business applications. This course is taught by a Google-certified AI developer and includes a certificate of completion. Sign up today and start your AI learning journey!


React Native Design System (RNDS)

RNDS is a set of component library and design rules that helps you build React Native apps faster

Proton Native v2

Proton Native is a way to make cross-platform desktop apps with React, without using Electron or any sort of web browser. V2 includes new features like flexbox, styling, hot reloading, and components with the same API as React Native.


Upgrading React's Official Tic-Tac-Toe Game with Hooks & TypeScript

This 30-minute video demonstrates how to use Hooks & TypeScript to recreate the tic-tac-toe game featured on the React website's early React tutorial (as opposed to traditional class-based components and no TypeScript).

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