React Newsletter #197

What React does and doesn't do, Shopify switches to React Native, and how to (unit) test in React


What React Does (and Doesn't Do)

Back to the basics. In this article Dave goes over exactly what React does (and more importantly, what it doesn't do).

Shopify Switches to React Native

In this article, Shopify's VP of Engineering, Farhan Thawar, discusses the reasons the Shopify team has chosen to build all new mobile apps using React Native, after year of native mobile development. It's a great read.

How to (unit) test in React

This comprehensive article explains what unit testing is, why it’s needed, and the best practices for small to large React applications.


Learn the Concepts of AI in a Free Five-Day Mini-Course

Interested in AI but not sure where to start? This free, five-day mini-course is a great introduction to AI and Machine Learning. By the end of the course, you'll understand important AI buzzwords, common types and uses of AI and Machine Learning, and practical business applications. This course is taught by a Google-certified AI developer and includes a certificate of completion. Sign up today and start your AI learning journey!



High Quality Dashboard / Admin / Analytics template that works great on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Available as Open Source as MIT license.

New React Native Docs 📰

These new React Native Docs include sections on Native & Core components (with some helpful illustrations), React fundamentals, using a ScrollView, and more.

Simplified Jira Clone

This Jira clone built with React/Babel (Client), and Node/TypeScript (API). This project is a good example of a modern, realistic React codebase and offers more insight than the average showcase React project.

Stacks Arcade Game 🕹

If you're anything like me, this React project from Luke Miller will give you vivid (and painful) flashbacks of barely missing the jackpot at your local arcade. Now's your chance to avenge all those lost quarters from your childhood.


Styled Components: Getting Started

This 10-minute video gives a simple overview of how to create styled components, how to pass props to change your styling, how to use state to dynamically change styling, and more.

Google Places & Autocomplete in React

In this video, Leigh Halliday walks through how to use the Google Places API inside of a React app. He also demonstrates how to use the 'react-places-autocomplete' package to add autocomplete suggestions for the user.

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