React Newsletter #196

Babel 7.8.0, React cheatsheet for 2020, and a D3 dashboard tutorial


Babel 7.8.0 Released 📣


  • ECMAScript 2020 default support (#10811, #10817, #10819, #10843)
  • Support every configuration file extension (#10783 and #10903)
  • New CLI options (#9144 and #10887)
  • Preparing for Babel 8


The React Cheatsheet for 2020 📄

This Cheatsheet is broken down into 3 sections - Core Concepts, React Hooks, & Advanced Hooks. It's a helpful resource for React beginners looking to solidify these concepts for the first time, and a valuable reference guide for more experienced React devs.


D3 Dashboard Tutorial

Learn how to build a D3 dashboard with an example in React, Material UI, and Cube.js in this well-designed, easy-to-follow tutorial.



React Email Editor is a drag-n-drop email editor component that makes it super easy to add a solid email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML.


Popper 2 released 🍿

Popper is used by over 650,000 Github repos to efficiently position tooltips, popovers, drop-downs, and more. Popper 2 is much more lightweight than the original and also features multiple bug fixes to help it run more smoothly. is a new resource that's attempting to organize and categorize the many, many useful React Libraries that exist out in the ether. They plan to begin taking submissions from the React community in the near future.

SimpleRPG 👾

SimpleRPG is a single player RPG game made with React. Player can reach up to level 30. Total playtime is around 1 hour. You fight with 2 weapons - Melee and Ranged. Each weapon has 3 types of attack - light, medium and strong. Their difference is in the damage and hit chance.

Fast by Default: Near Instant Load Times at Scale with GatsbyJS

GatsbyJS is a library that adds powerful static capabilities to React-powered webapps and packs many performance optimizations, making websites load instantly, by default. In this Talk Nicolas dives into how Gatsby and GraphQL enhance the performance, developer experience and scalability of modern webapps.


ReactJS Crash Course - 25 min.

In this video, Dev Brock walks through how to use functional components, hooks, and React Router to build a simple ReactJS application that fetches data from an API and returns it on the screen for users to interact with.

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