React Newsletter #195

Styled Components v5, Firebase as a React hook, 10 JavaScript concepts you need to master React


Styled components v5.0.0 released

  • 19% smaller bundle size
  • 18% faster client-side mounting
  • 17% faster updating of dynamic styles
  • 45% faster server-side rendering
  • RTL support
  • No breaking changes

Next.js 9.2 release

The Next.js team just announced Next.js 9.2, which features the following:

  • Built-In CSS Support for Global Stylesheets
  • Built-In CSS Module Support for Component-Level Styles
  • Improved Code-Splitting Strategy
  • Catch-All Dynamic Routes


Firebase as a React Hook 🔥🎣

In this article, Doug Safreno explains how to use (and how he implemented) useDbDatum / useDbData, two hooks for generically loading data from Firebase RTDB.


One Codebase. Any Platform. Just React.

Build awesome apps across mobile, desktop, and web, with the React you know and love. Choose from over 100 mobile-ready components with built-in animations, gestures, and theming capabilities to fit your brand.


React-spring visualizer"

This visualizer is a nifty way to determine the ideal spring config for animations created with the react-spring animation library. This can help save a lot of time by demonstrating the effects of each setting on the animation you're working on, especially for those who are new to spring-based animations.


A beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.

Build a weather app in React

This 30-minute video walks through how to make a weather app, a classic React project for beginners. You'll learn how to use the Open Weather Map API to return current weather data. This uses the Modern JavaScript Fetch API, React hooks, and conditonals.

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